Is timed exclusivity necessary for battle pass?

Chapter 3 looks better and I’m more inclined to buy the battle pass now, but the exclusivity is putting me off.
I skipped Chapter 1’s BP because there wasn’t enough there to justify it, and Chapter 2 did nothing at all for me.
But I feel like, even if I paid now, I’m missing out since I can’t get the building items I wanted from the first chapter.

I’ve been thinking it’d be much more worth it if the past BP rewards were made available - without the past Crom Coin rewards obviously - and the downsides seem limited to me at least
My thinking was that it would make you fulfil the current battlepass first, then let you go back and work up from Chapter 1, or wherever you left off, filling in the story as you go.

The battle pass would become more and more appealing over time this way. Funcom have all the items, art, and story set up already, they would just need to add the ability to switch chapters, and remove all the Crom Coin rewards from older passes.
Right now there’s only ever a couple of things that appeal to me in each pass, which never really justifies its cost, but with a few more chapters it should be worth the money for pretty much everyone, and increase revenue.
I get that the BP is meant to be an investment but if Chapter 4 is like Chapter 2, it won’t feel like a good one, and the arbitrary feeling timed design is making me not want to buy it in the first place.

In summary

  • The frequent FOMO complaints are removed from the BP
  • New players, and late adopters like me, won’t feel like they missed out, and have a better shot at selling them the pass since it has so much in it
    +/- Assuming the current plans stick, these items won’t be made available on the Bazaar, so I would guess that overall revenue on Funcom’s side wouldn’t be affected - probably less short term, more long term
  • Exclusivity would be removed - how much of a problem is this? My guess is that most people wouldn’t hold this against you

My sense is that keeping the older BP rewards back is counter-productive.
I don’t get the items I want, and Funcom have all these perfectly marketable items ready that they could be selling.
I am probably being a bit blind to the appeal of exclusivity though.

And the cynic in me says that they’re going to sell these items on the bazaar anyway, and all of this is moot. The suggestion has at least some merit though, and it wouldn’t hurt to improve morale around here…

Let me know if there’s anything useful here, or if I’m being dumb.


Well… There are plenty of threads already discussing this topic, so most of what you’ve said, and most of what I have to say, have been said already.

But I just found the perfect screenshot from another game (Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero):

It’s all there, simply and beautifully stated.


I have to admit that my inventories are so ****ed cluttered already that I only bother with what I get from the Challenges and hardly ever look at the bazaar. Hey ho.

I will say that the current ■■■■■■ Art Designers are simply amazing. The details that started creeping on in with Isle of Sipttah, and that continue the new iterations, Wow!!! Really lovely stuff and huge compliments and thanks to their work (same to most Modders too of course, almost goes without saying).

I still find that technique, planning and strategy wins a day, although a two-handed sword and a good set of armour also helps. :slight_smile:

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FOMO is what gets general population throw cash way on missed out chances.
Its not going away. Its “easy button” for cash printing.

FO76 just switch up its Season to be even harder to finish pass, Hoping to force you into spending money. 6 of 6 dalies, and you need finish all 6 for your points now. (from several choices and only needing 5)
And you can now reroll “dalies” at a cost. (and buy more rerolls)

I’m Blaming Funcom for this one… someone saw your idea and made it worse. XD

“exclusivity” Is just a fancy word to get Consumers to buy things. Its not required in any form outside making people thing there special. Which in turn is fancy way to get people to spend money when they didnt have to.

Same as how counter argument is “Supporting” when you point it out. XD

My Time as Sales Associate Haunts me… Its hard to see alot of this as anything as Sale Pitch and preying on people who can’t see thru it.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to make use of my Special Sand Stone Purchase abit more. XD


I’d love to see, FOMO dropped, and people go back to OLD style of “Heres the Cash Shop”
“Buy what you want”
And periodic Sales.

It doesn’t make as much money… But you know, People are Greedy.

Whats funny, I use to use Fallout 76 Season as a “Good” Example" Of a Battle Pass. (minus the requirement of having to play everyday to finish it)(which Funcom DID A GOOD JOB on, by making time to finish Better)
When that Patch went live Yesterday… and I saw what they did… Ugh…

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I couldn’t find any posts about making the past BP items unlockable when I was looking a few days back, so I figured I’d throw the thought out here

It is not. And I would push for them to offer previous battlepasses, especially once we move into the next age. Like I get it, each chapter has a theme. I can work with that. But once we move into the next age, many will still have a sort of sorcery shtick they will likely wish to engage in. So why not have previous battlepasses open to them?

Offering them doesn’t diminish their value and that work, time, and resources spent making that content still results in money coming in. Even if they only sold 50 units of Chapter 1-3 Age of Sorcery Battlepasses in the next couple of ages, that’s 50 units more than 0 they would have made if they didn’t.

It makes no sense to tell a player that you’re not interested in getting paid.


I purchased and completed both AoS ch. 1 & 2 BP and I will be doing the same with chapter 3. It does not bother me of they are made available to purchase. Although i can also understand people’s point of view about keeping bps limited time only.


They should make all chapters bp available again when the next age hits the ground so people that join the party late on or changed their mind still can get it.

I grind all the bp´s but my love does not show interest yet. And I say yet, because he still has a hard time adapting from all the years we did pvp together to now playing only pve. He recently started building his own version of a castle and is farming stones and iron like crazy. Something he has never shown interest in before. I was always the farmer and builder in our pvp sessions.

So yeah what I try to say is that peoples minds and behavior can change over time. They might not find a purpose for something today but tommorow is a whole another story. Be it the bp or the bazar.


All pretty solid points in my opinion


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