Battle Pass Rewards Missed Forever?

Hello, I am a new player. I have been playing only for a couple of weeks. So I have a question about the missed rewards from Chapter One. I tried to find an official information about that, but could not. Do the rewards that you have missed will be available again in the bazaar later? Or in some other way in the future? I understand that FOMO thing, but do someone knows an official answer to that?

Because I think the rewards are a big part of the game, it’s not just some cosmetics. It is cruel for those players who did not get them. I am trying to understand should I invest my time and money in the game… Because I love Conan universe, but the greed (those prices at the bazaar are insane) and injustice towards the new players, that already have missed something, it just scares me. Any new player automatically counts as some low sort (sorry), who never is going to have the same options as the lucky ones who got them in time. Or am I wrong?

So far, the most official answer from the Lead Developer has been that they don’t currently plan to release previous Battle Pass content later. They may sell similar, but not identical, items, in the Black Lotus Bazaar.

Den said that they may reconsider this policy depending on player feedback, but I’m not optimistic regarding that.


Yes once you miss them they are gone you may find alternate versions from time to time in the store though.

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Ok… That’s bad. So in time it will grow to some vip club basically. Let’s see a year later what will happen, when new players will find out how much stuff from the game they miss and how they will react to that. Thank you guys.


I’m in the same boat. I didn’t start playing (didn’t even know Conan Exiles was a thing) until end of December when a friend gifted it to me. I’ve fallen in love with CE and it’s now pretty much my exclusive game. I’m super disappointed I missed some of the items in Season 1, particularly the Gurnakhi Armor and the Arcane building sets. I’d really love the opportunity to get these items because yeah, it does feel bad to miss out on something when you didn’t own the game during the right time to get it.

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Same thing. Armor sets, weapons, mounts, crafting blocks, interior designs - everything is gone. It’s not just one item from pre-order bonus or twitch drops, it’s a hell of lot of content. How should a new player feel about that? And in half a year that will be even more, when you’ll find out 3x the missing items. How the great Conan universe became a thing of corporate greed and psychological manipulations? Is there are no other way? Middle way? I understand that game and developer’s team need money. I agree with that. Invest in what you like, support it. But this approach, it feels like they transforming players to drug addicts. “Play every day to not miss a thing and form a habit, or pay money. And by the way pay more, we have the same FOMO in our Bazaar”, the exclusive content with insane prices. I am used to pay good money for games I like. But that, 50 bucks for such a small number of crom coins that barely purchase you a two week item packs. So I should spend 100 dollars a month, probably close to 150, 300-450 dollars per a Chapter? And still I will not have an access to the missing items from the past chapter if I didn’t have time to get it.


This is standard procedure for all Tencent properties. It is a VIP club hence why you have to buy access to get the majority of the rewards. Think of it as buying access to Sams Club or Costco or if you prefer Amazon Prime.

My position is these items should become available for sale in the bazaar six months, from the date of removal from Battle Pass rewards.


You going to refund the money those who earned the items via battle pass paid? If not unless those who paid for the privilege to have said rewards are the only people whose position actually matters hence why alternate versions appear in the store.

If someone else pays for them via Bazaar, and a steeper price given the Bazaar pricing in general, then would this not be a fair trade off? Right now, a single armor set (take the Turanian Rider stuff that’s currently there) is about the same price as an entire Battlepass. Get it when it first comes out and not only get it for much cheaper but also get it as soon as you earn the reward (or pay for the pass at the end, whichever it is you do) vs having to wait until each item individually rotates in.


@heaven13 @Morgrim1 have been playing since day one Ps4 there is plenty to do with out buying anything from bizarre or battle Pass yes we have purchased all the old DLC but it is not necessary to be be able to play the game. Don’t let it get you down all that stuff is cosmetic not needed in game to play

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Yes, I agree. Would it not be a fair compromise for everybody?

Players who completed the Battle Pass on time would have everything for the basic price, and as soon as possible. They could play the game with all the items, and in some time they move on to the next battle pass. Exclusivity will last enough time for them.

Players that missed the previous chapters will have the opportunity to buy the missing rewards after some time, when the Age story will be completed. And to buy items, the players need to actually play the game, and stay in touch with what is on the bazaar list. And the items will be in different packs and cost much higher, than if you get them by the battle pass. And you actually need to collect them all through time. And by that time, probably, players who have got them throught battle pass would not think of them as so exclusive as they were before.

And both sides can be happy. A hope for the players that missed the opportunity. And best deal for the friendly and loyal players, who were active at the right time.

Does this not a fair compromise?

I understand, you are right - it’s not necessary to have all the rewards for playing the base game. But if you want to invest time and money and effort, and if you really want to grow with the story of the game and to be on the same boat as the other players, and to have access to everything the game can give you, sooner or later you will face this problem of exclusivity. In one year the content of the battle passes will have a huge impact on the gameplay. You would see that around in buildings, mounts, weapons, armor sets, in everything. And in two years, if they will keep going that way, a huge percentage of content will be locked for newcommers. How would you feel if you come to the game and the game tells you - you are not our loyal player, so that’s why you will never get the same quality and variety of options in the game. It’s a form of discrimination. And for a new player the reaction could be - Ok, this is how they treat me, why should I invest my time and money? I will look for a different game. Am I wrong?


So simply buy into the battle pass or buy the alternate item from the store. You cannot blame other players if you missed it then request special treatment for items that are meant to be exclusive. You don’t see me whining about the Wartorn Rhino mount I missed because I know what exclusive means.

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I do not blame the other players. I don not look for a personal special treatment. And I am not alone in that problem. I have read a lot of the same complains on different platforms, like reddit. And I am sure in time there will be others who disagree with the current system. I want to attract some attention, or at least understand what others think about that. May be even developer’s team will say something.

I am glad that you at ease with the locked content. I get it. If it’s ok with you, thank you for your opinion. But if you suggesting that I am simply whining - than I what else can I say to you? Just ignore me and this topic.


I think the OP knows exactly what exclusive means. In fact, that exactly what the OP is giving, feedback (ie. not whining) on.

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Lots of games have battle passes or equivalent like Fortnite and Destiny 2 and Red Dead Redemption 2 and Conan Exiles, etc.

I don’t think the other games offer ways to get skins or armour or emotes, etc that was exclusive to the previous battle pass.

I think that’s just the way it is these days. I would be fine if say in the bazar previous battle pass only items were available (or reskinned variants) for a cost.

But if exclusivity of the battle pass items is what’s stated then I am see some others being upset if the same skinned item is made available later.

I think it’s just the shift in the gaming market to these live service type games.

I have a friend who despises it all. He doesn’t want to spend money, doesn’t want to download updates, etc. I think he would be very happy to a static game that never has changes or new content.

If every feedback is considered to be a whining, then I better be a whiner, who is trying to make the game better. May be not for some sarcastic person, who thinks he knows what exactly I mean, but for those who share the same issue.


It’s a public forum. Don’t want others opinions then don’t post. See how that works? You can complain all you want but it’s a moot point because my opinion is valid since Funcom said themselves that Battle Pass are exclusive. Lets chat again if they ever retract that statement.

As someone who has all of the preorder stuff and the battlepasses.

I am perfectly fine with those items being available in the bazaar for purchase. The value those items have are not in their exclusive nature. The value those items have will not be degraded because someone can buy them now.

It would be worth it to me to lose some of the exclusive nature of those items in order to take the first steps towards removing the FOMO nature of Conan Exiles. For 6 years now, FOMO has been in the game from the start. From the Royal Armor and Atlantean Sword, to the Wartorn Rhino, and now the Battlepasses.

Its time for that to come to an end. All ‘exclusive’ items should be made available.