BattleMetrics - Weird User Stats

I play on official server #1516 and there’s that user that seem to be playing many servers at once on more than 250 servers. It seem like he log on and off none stop. If you check other people’s info, it’s normal. Could it be a DDOSER?

Here’s the link :

Anyone can explain this? How can someone play so much on so many servers?

Hey there, here’s what returns when you click on my Steam ID, from any server on which I play. Only one of the servers is actually linked to me, the others are for the other Barneses out there.

The name you’ve linked is either “abc” or “-,” as it has appeared on the times I’ve clicked it – I’m sure you can guess both of these are fairly common. Dash is the default nick for official servers when Vocal Visibility is set to 5, which allows players to remain anonymous unless they speak.

Similar to my nick, BM will pull up any servers played by “-” or “abc,” which will be a composite of all or some of the servers frequented by that nick.


That make sense, thanks for clearing that up!

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Except nothing less from @Barnes. Don’t loose the chance to watch his videos on YouTube. He is really good, trust me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.


Plenty more on the way, now that my eyeballs are working again. Thanks for always making me feel like a million Hyborian Age dollars.


Nothing less than you deserve . I am waiting for @Larathiel update (you will dance to entertain her) and your next video . My wife is complaining , that after all the gaming of conan i sleep watching conan videos :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


I’m all stocked-up on Tylenol and Advil to deal with all the concussive damage I’ll :soon: be suffering. :sweat_smile:

Still really curious to see how they implement my Sinner’s Refuge doppelganger. :slight_smile:


Wouldn’t be nice for you to be someone that gives Asuras chosen armor recipe, i don’t like to kill my friends to take this armor. Club them is not so cool, still necessary, but killing them, no way. I think, since we wait long enough, for very serious reasons ofcurse, to see you in the game, at least this small Xtra with your presence will do a nice adding on the game. Now you will tell me, if you don’t kill, how you will see the next spawn? Easy, or I ‘ll club, or i’ ll wait the next day. I play more than a year now, i don’t think that waiting for a month will do any harm :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. Always nice to talk to you my friend :+1:


I can’t wait to dole out more concussions, kind of a hobby for my wife. I get home and she’s showing me the latest catch.


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