Battlepass/Bazaar recipes randomly disappear

I’m playing on official pvp servers only, and I’ve no idea what exactly triggers this, but time to time every Battlepass/Bazaar recipe just suddenly stops working. It is as if (which is probably correct) the battlepass recipes are not actually a part of the game like DLC stuff, but are connected to some external servers which sometimes bug out, similar to twitch drops. This… must be fixed and get the treatment of DLC sets. If I once get it - I must have access to them at any time without this bug ever happening.

And no, clicking on the yellowed-out recipes here does nothing. They’re disabled completely

Not only it’s annoying that I can’t use building pieces or craft gear from Battlepass/Bazaar, but it got even worse today. If before the recipes got randomly disabled but the already created pieces stayed in the game, the last time every chest piece I’ve put the Thermae robe illusion on actually reverted to the original look.

It shows like it has an illusion on it, but the appearance is now default.

I’ve no idea how to fix this unless a relog. But there is a 10-people queue, so if I do, I’ll not get back this evening anymore. So yeah, for no good reason I’m left without any of the B/B recipe for the rest of the evening.

Please, fix it and make it as stable as DLCs are.

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Pretty much.
They are part of the game as normal, however there is a permission system in place whether you can use them or not and that is stored on the Funcom servers pretty much requiring constant connection to them.

And I agree that they should redesign it a bit to be more lenient in some ways. Obviously MOST people would prefer if it was the old way where you could just do whatever you want with your items, even share them if you so wish.
However even if Funcom doesn’t want that because… they really like money, they could still put some form of caching system in place… so that if you travel somewhere with a Battle-pass skinned horse and the Funcom servers have a hiccup you don’t have to leave your horse behind with the “you are not entitled” message.

I think they need to realize at some point that we’re talking about cosmetic stuff for a niche videogame… not exactly state secrets needing constant online protection… there’s a fine balance between DRM and compromising playability for it.


Greetings @Kilix!

Thank you for taking the time to report this situation to us.

Regarding the situation at hand, how often does this happen? Does anything trigger the recipes to actually stop working or is it random? On which official servers did this occur?

Thank you in advance for any further information that can be provided!

It happens about each second day and started during chapter 1 Battlepass, previous patch. Currently I’m playing on server 1069 official PvP.
I don’t know what triggers it. I go out to get resources or for some other reason, and when return, I find out that I can no longer craft anything B/B related. Different items behave differently. For example the first time it happened I noticed that I can’t craft any more colored wall torches but I also had a couple of crafted ones in the station inventory. I take them out, put into action bar and try to put on wall, but they don’t appear at all. As if I’m waving around an invisible item.
The Thermae robe illusion situation happened yesterday after I died once from falling damage. When returned for my body and picked up my stuff, the illusion of the Medium chest piece reverted to the basic appearance, and since then and till the late evening when I logged off B/B recipes were disabled.
Today the illusion of Thermae robe is back on all items it was applied to, as if nothing happened.

The only consistent pattern I can point out for now is that every time B/B recipes get disabled it was raid time. So it could be either that, or the server was full and with a log-in queue for it.

Same happened today after I removed the bracer. So 2 days in row it happens after I die during raid time. Yesterday it was fall damage, today suicide, but the result is the same.

Another update. Tested it today. The result:

Hello @Kilix!

Could you please send us a screenshot of your base location on the map?

We will also need the following:

  • Name of your clan (if you are in any);
  • Character name

Thanks in advance :smile:

Here you go. Although I don’t think this bug is related to my location. I died in other areas too, and that led to the same result

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