Battlepass is it...?

I’ve been playing AoS in single player on testlive. I’ve noticed that the battlepass tabs don’t work in single player. Is battlepass exclusive to online play? At first I thought it was simply not implemented in single player yet but then I began to wonder if it will be in single player at all. So how is this gonna work?

Battlepass won’t be activated in any mode until 3.0 goes live.

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Oh? I thought it must be active online because I’ve been seeing youtube videos about what’s in the battlepass.

Would be neat if it was. Been playing on the testlive servers and it’s blacked out there too.

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only a small portion of people got access to view this content


Ah ok. So it will be handled the same way in single player as it is online?

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Yes, you will be able to advance on it on SP/MP


Ok, thank you for the information.


You’re required to connect to Funcom Live Services though. So an internet connection is still required.

Honestly for single player I would suggest limiting the events to once or twice an irl day for the entire map. I mean for single player that’s more than enough. In single player you don’t need it that often, I know I wouldn’t want to do that more than once a day.

You mean that service that bats 50% on if it loads right?

Well, as long as Steam is running beforehand, mine has always connected when I ran the .exe for Conan. It’s only when Steam isn’t running that it craps out.

But yeah, the Battle Pass stuff is saved to your account. So it may only be accessible with the Live Services connection. So you may legit not be able to craft any of it without that connection.

It’s mostly DRM bullsh*t. To keep it on their servers instead of a local save, which could be edited and whatnot.

But it’s going to lose them a lot if the LS can’t be maintained. And something everyone should consider, if they ever shut the LS down, and don’t make the BP stuff available locally like the older DLC, then it means you will have NONE of it to use in-game.

Short of modder’s stepping in and adding it all by picking it out of the game files.

You know it needs to connect to play online, right? If it didn’t work 50% of the time, it would be a massive issue.

Not true. It fails to connect regularly and especially when hopping from character to character.

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Acho que antes de lançar o passe de batalha a funcom poderia resolver esse defeito visual em todas DLC que são pagas e até hoje não foram arrumadas @Funcom_Community

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