Is it safe to move

Is it safe to move a save from a single player game in the beta client to the main client?

I suspect not, but this would require SCIENCE. (emphasis from Grounded)

I.e. Start a single player game, exit. spin up a server, paste save file in. Check in you can login.

I’m mostly concerned about all my battlepass items. I’ve completed every battlepass in official but I’m concerned that moving a save from the beta client to the official client could glitch out my battlepass items since they don’t exist in single player on the beta client. I don’t really want to test it until I have a reasonable expectation of it being safe. The battlepass stuff is why I want to move it in the first place. I want to be able to use it on that save.

Battlepass items can also only be used online in the finished game, not in singleplayer.

Sorry but that’s not true. I play single player more than I play online. You do get access to battlepass items in single player. It’s only in single player on the public beta client that you don’t get battlepass items.

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Make a backup of your single player “saves” folder, and rollback if something goes south.

Oh that’s right. Battlepass items are not available in singleplayer without an internet connection. That is what I was told by a clan member anyway.

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