Public Beta Server and Funcom Live Services


The public beta client doesn’t connect to Funcom Live Services, thus blocking the use of all store and battlepass items. Is that normal? Any way to fix that?

Thanks for the help…!

Public Beta Client don´t need Battlepass and Store! This is only for the live version.

The public beta is a game crash test only.
Would you actually buy thems for a game that is on unmaintained servers, that get wiped?
Once the build goes live fixes in it don’t go to the beta server or any fixes after.
No fix to it because it’s not broken.

I use the Public Beta for my single player game. Works perfectly fine, you can just copy the database back and forth.

Yeah, I noticed this as well. Copied over my single player game from one of my favorite saves that I want to revisit when the tavern system comes out (wanted to make sure I had a space big enough) and I cannot access any of my purchased content which comprised a large amount of building pieces for that save.

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