Battle pass items?

So just returned after a few months break. Noticed theres a battle pass available now. These seriously arent account unlocks and people are ok with spending money on these? Im all for funcom making some extra money, but the fact these are character unlocks seems like a huge miscalculation. Is there any talk of making these account unlocks?

I could be wrong since we have not purchased any yet but I understand they are account based. @Samsquanch-01 . @Community can you verify? Thanks in advance

My understanding is most of the rewards are feats and account based. However, there are some rewards that, when unlocked, are specific one time items placed in the active character’s inventory.


They are account based.

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Thanks for the clarity. I just returned after a long AFK. At some point were they character bound? I guess i read some fake news. Appreciate it, ill buy it now i suppose.

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Hi @Samsquanch-01

You can read more about our BattlePass here:

Hope this helps!

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A very short summation.

Single use items are claimed by the character and go to their inventory. So those are effectively character locked. Things like illusion skins and potions with spells in them.

The crafting options are for all of your characters on that platform. If you play on a PC as well, or later change to an XBoX, ect, the unlocks do not follow you.

If you play entirely offline/suffer a connectivity issue of any length while in single player, you most likely won’t be able to use them and may suffer complications if your base was built with load bearing walls of a style the game forgets you are entitled to use as a result of failure to connect to live services.

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