Battle Pass items

So my friend has unlocked all battle pass items and can’t make any of the items. We play on Lady Echo’s server ps4. He goes to make the item and nothing happens. I would share a video but am unable to figure out how. Basically when you click to make and nothing.

There is a bug right now where the FC Live has spotty connection to your console play and so it may not register you got these. The only solution I know that works is to log off and log in again.


It didn’t work

The biggest tell us it you are connected to the bazaar, challenges, and battlepass sections. Also if the message pops up why going to the online section of the main menu says you aren’t connected to Fac live…that will be a huge tell

Question. Have you purchased a BattlePass? They unlock but are not claimable unless you have purchased a BattlePass. The good news is that purchasing it once lets you accumulate enough coins to purchase the next.

I have the same problem, I have the battle pass. It says I can craft it. But the 2nd I try to do. It says unable to start crafting items. I also can’t spawn the items in, It’s acting like a DLC you haven’t purchased.
Also to clarify, I do own the battle pass and I have unlocked everything up to my current level. It shows up as green, in my crafting benches.

I play on a private server.