Battleye Problem PC (kicked to menu after 10sec in game)

i have a problem wih battleye actually, i can’t resolve it so maybe you can help me! i will be very grateful !
So it happens when i relaunch the game after the last patch.
On PC, On a private server.

(It’s in French but it says : “Battleye Service must be uptaded. Restart the client, thank you.

So i did everything, following many post in support
Verify game, windows firewall on/off, run as admin,install/ uninstall BE, double click the “Install_BattlEye.bat files” etc etc :slight_smile:

But so weird, after all this, when i launch the game, boom, the same, 10sec in game then, back to menu with the same message.

Thing also weird, when i do “verifying files” on steam, it says : “found 1 files, it will be updated.”
So, i do it again, and it says :" all files are good". I run the game again and boom, 10sec, back to menu :’(
I’m drowning here guys, so if someone can send me help ?

Thank you exiles!
have a good day
(PS : i forgot, the problem appeared just after i died the first time, i have played like maybe 30-40minutes without problem before.)

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