Battleye questions

I have never heard of Battleye before, but they go to great lengths to assure me they aren’t interested in my credit cards or private info so I guess they get access to that?

First question, does Battleye run continually in the background like an antivirus or does it only activate when a Battleye required game launches? If it runs in the background continually can you disable it when it is not needed?

If Battleye causes problems, as it seems to do after patching sometimes, how hard is it to uninstall? This question seems to result in some strange responses during searches on google.

Are there any official servers that do not run Battleye? I have never been concerned about hackers in AoC, but I don’t PvP avidly either. Right now I am just playing the solo version of Conan Exiles, but obviously I bought the game to play with others. Conan Exiles is a lot of fun solo however.

If it is the program i am thinking of, you are promoted if you want to start battleye when launching CE from steam. You can say no.

Also you can search for servers that do not require it, but they are private servers only. (That means rented privately but they may stillbe open to the public)

Yes, that is the program. I just have never heard of it before and I never install stuff on my computer that I don’t understand. Nothing was mentioned about it at the point of sale. So I just have some basic questions about it related to how invasive it is and how much of my computer’s resources it will be using and does it run all the time even when I am not playing a game that requires Battleye be launched.

So hopefully someone will answer these questions.

I did’t use it when I was playing SP because it lagged my old computer so you can remove it without any problems until you want to play on a server that has it. To uninstall it, open Steam and navigate to your library and right click on Conan Exiles. There you will see option to uninstall Battleye.
As far as how invasive it is I don’t know, but on my new computer I don’t notice a difference with or without it as far as resources go.

As I said, it does not run all the time. When you open Conan, you get the option of running battleye or not. If you choose not to, you are limited to only those servers that allow play without battleye.

Once you close conan, it closes. So it is not a resource heavy or always running program.

You are sort of right. Battleye is not a separate program that turns on and off with Conan, its actually merging with Conan.

To make a simplified description:
If don’t have Battleye installed you will run ConanSandbox.exe and if you do have Battleye installed you will run ConanSandbox_BE.exe. Haven’t looked in to the exact mechanics but running with Battleeye installed do require more CPU power. Digging around in your RAM, checking serial numbers of your different hardware parts do take some power but most of us wont notice it. However if you have a computer that are on the limit with Conan only will notice that Battleye are running.

Thanks for the explanations. I understand now. :slight_smile:

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