Bazaar Items repeated themselves for 7 days

Basic Info:

Platform: Steam
Issue Type: Bazaar
Game Mode: Online Official
Server Type: PvE-Conflict
Map: Isle of Siptah
Server Name: =none=
Mods: =none=

Bug Description:

I was checking the bazaar yesterday and it said around 24h of all the items and i was so very excited to see what will come next, it was the first thing i thought about when waking up in the morning and i immediately started my pc and conan to see the new items, but then i saw all items that were previously in the bazaar are again in the bazaar for whole 7 days! every item again! that must be a bug right? i am so dissapointed, i want the aesir skins and the sandstone 1 and 2 skins so badly, when ever i play conan i spend 80% of my time in sandstone and sandstone 1 + 2 packages are amazing! please fix the bazaar or make everything purchaseable at all times and the bazaar has only discounts then it is not so much FOMO anymore and people can buy what they want/need when ever they are playing.

Bug Reproduction:

i opened the bazaar the next day


Funcom announced this in a recent post. They will remain for another seven days because an issue surfaced.

oh where can i see such announcements? i also noticed that funcom has many games even a mmo and rts that i never heard of, i think i should check out their stuff more haha

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thank you! i just hope that i will still play after a week, im sad that conan is using fomo now but whelp

No, no. There is no fear of missing out. That was explained by Wak4863 on you tube. The items that you miss during rotation will rotate back into the bazaar in the future. So you will get many opportunities to obtain items that you happen to miss. Never fear.

They should really just allow players to scroll through the content. The waiting is not a feature I like to pay for, but that’s just me. shrug

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yea i mean a lot of those purchasing from my own experience and those of my friends are impulsive and while the game is being played in the community, and having to wait longer than the period of time that i will play conan every one in a while then i will just not spend the money. I’am certain that in the future it will not be worth for companies to use fomo anymore because more and more people get fed up with exploitative manipulation like that and then they lose the integrity and goodwill of the players and therefore lose more than they would ever gain from their fomo.

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Then you’d buy everything all at once and they wouldn’t get the monthly.
Actually this way you will buy items you probably wouldn’t have if you didn’t have a reason to check every time it changed.

@Dana can we at least get the older content rotated into it so some of us that were on the fence before can get tempted again?

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