Bazaar Price insanity

So it’s 1200 coins (about $10 US) for the new Pyramid build set, but two sets of 5 placeables each are over 1750 coins. That’s over $3 per placeable! Has Funcom gone insane?!


I don’t know build sets have always been pretty good value and placeables have been way overpriced but I definitely agree it’s super unbalanced.

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SAd pyramid set not full, no windows, gates, wedges, ladders, roof, fences etc.
At least we need full set for 1200 (full BP cost).

To be fair, pyramids don’t have roofs or windows as far as I’m aware. It seems like a pretty cool set if you want to build a pyramid.


and what about wedges? without them building is not very flexible you know)

I understand what you’re saying, but pyramids are a very specific shape…the shape is called a pyramid. Wedges wouldn’t work in pyramids. They have very square bases.


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