Bazaar prices are a bit high

DLCs would give us a new building set, new armor, new weapons and sometimes new placeables for $10 (Technically $9.99, but seriously, it’s $10). The Bazaar offers us the Arcane Motif Table, one single placeable, for 500 Crom Coins ($4.17 roughly), almost half the price of a DLC. I think that’s a little ridiculous. I’ve seen other prices in the Bazaar that were a bit much, but this one stood out to me.
Please @Funcom regulate these prices better. For a good rule of thumb, I’d say 100 coins for a single item. That would equate to only 12 items for the same cost as an original DLC. Still more expensive than before, but far more reasonable than these prices.




And we were able to share… I mean, the Battle pass, I can understand, but the rest of it… its expensive, when the whole household is playing… And yes, we are playing in different clans… because pvp :stuck_out_tongue: And with currency exchange is worst… We used to buy all the dlc’s, now… we need to choose carefully…

Same deal;

I completed the battlepass, but I didn’t purchase it. I’m kind of on the fence waiting to see if the next one will offer enough variety in items to merit the purchase.

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I was planning on buying the feasts until I saw the asking price.


The monetization expert whose feelings you hurt:


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