The Bazaar you know whats coming

Hey fellow exiles i have seen this alot and i cant do nothing but agree the bazaar needs to become cheaper for what we get i find everything way too expensive 1000 coins for one set of armor while i can pay 10 bucks for a dlc with 3 sets of armor building pieces weapons and warpaint. i think 1 set of armor should be atleast halved to 500 i find it even then expensive but i guess reasonable same with building pieces i think 300 would be fair or 400 as we dont even get all the pieces i get that the bundles are more expensive but i must say for 20 bucks for 3 items im talking about that japanese type bundle w a wheel of pain variant arent it

I think either the prices must be lowered more or we should get more for what we are paying

What are your thoughts?! Like this post if you agree!

Thank you for reading exiles!

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It’s ridiculously overpriced – absolutely nuts.
I hate the Bazaar prices so much.
It’s not justified at all -.-

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We are not the ocean going mammals the bazaar is made for. If they were going to drop the prices they would have done it by now. Apparently they are making good money off it and are not motivated by us refusing to spend money on it.

Personally I am not about to spend more for a set of armor and weapons, then I paid for an entire DLC.

But we are stomping on a greasy spot where a horse once stood.

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well…its obviously OP.
But some stuff are more “justified” than another.
Many people say Stormglass set are worth 1200 coins (10-7 usd).
With my regional price its 5.5 usd - but still, you can purchase entire Siptah DLC (or 2 culture DLCs) with same amount.
This topic very controversial, the problem is, we cant compare bazaar prices with old DLCs anymore, sadly.
Because of that, none of bazaar prices are justified and never will be.

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