Bazaar questions - Reset on Chapter 2 launch?

So, as the title says, will the Bazaar be reset with new items on Dec 6, or will it continue with the normal rotation?
Asking because on Dec 2 a new rotation will start with a month long bundle (Black Magic Set, Gurnakhi Gear or Flamboyant Feasts) and either this will mean that the bundle will only be available for 4 days, or that Chapter 2 will start with an old bundle instead of newer, shinier ones. No matter the choice, it will be somewhat weird.

I bet that they will reset and go from there. The older stuff may get a dedicated section of the shop.


That… would be a great solution, actually. A second page or something with its own separate rotation so it wouldn’t interfere with the current Bazaar.

Take a look at the current Bazaar timers. Everything will expire upon Chapter 2’s launch

Take a look at the current Bazaar timers. Everything will expire upon Chapter 2’s launch

Not sure what Bazaar you’re looking at, but mine shows 8 days on everything except the single(reasonably) items which show 1 day. Which means that on Dec 2 the Bazaar shifts, and four days later, on Dec 6, Chapter 2 launches.

Don’t expect Chapter 1 stuff to bleed into Chapter 2. Timers will most likely be readjusted.

I haven’t looked at the bazaar in a couple months :grin:

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Seeing how the Bazaar has only existed for a couple of months, that says a lot :smiley:

so what is your conclusion for now?

That no matter the choice, to change the rotation, to keep it past or to freeze it until Chapter 2 launches, it’s still going to be disappointing in one way or another.
Would’ve been better if the launch was on December 2nd, to align everything perfectly.

Well, looks like the Bazaar switched to a new month long rotation. Guess we’ll just wait until Tuesday to see what happens.

2 chapters = 2 pages?

Hopefully, otherwise we’ll get to the new items from Chapter 2 when Chapter 3 launches :cry:

EDIT: I think there’s still a warpaint and a wall tablet thing that was added in Chapter 1 but hasn’t appeared yet in the Bazaar. So the two page thing might be the best answer to it. Unfortunately, the devs haven’t said anything about this, so…

with discount but split into 3 different groupings.

Bone Collector will also be front and center.

Either the Bone Collector, the Roman (pardon, Aquilonian) Baths set or the Hedge Maze.
That assuming that the Bazaar resets and won’t bug out and cycle through all the Chapter 1 items first :smiley:

I see the maze going into a big garden pack that will take center stage. I will probably be included with climbing ivy and the tall bush so I will probably need to allocate for that as well…

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Guess we were wrong :smiley: . Front and center is the combined Stormglass set. Not complaining though.

Not worth but half what they want for it.

u payed for it to use it for the age its supposed for, new age new items…
its the new funcom way of single use items, they started with the event system…
and to make and feel it special the tagged a high price on it…

Just no. Rewards for the 1-st Grave Matters Event were available later as ordinary loot. It’s too expensive to make models unavailable forever. By now there are just a couple of unique things: early access prizes and Twitch drops.