Bazaar Sandstone Set 2 - Missing items

There are items on the icon and splash screen for the set that you get that are not in the items you can craft, spawn, etc…

One in particular is the Rough Timber Balcony. It is the literal icon for that section of frames and its not able to be built or spawned.

Why are we displaying items in something we can buy and then not getting it?

If this has been pointed out before please point me in the direction of that thread.


There’s a bug, a wrong building piece ended up in the set. They’re fixing it.

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Saw that in the patch notes. :heart:

I reported this when I purchased on release on 3.0. Only response I received was that I need to report bazaar issues in a different format.

It’s been 12 days, still no response. Fantastic customer support. I don’t even expect them to be able to fix the issue, it’s not in their control. But customer support should be able to provide any kind of response within 12 days.

New PC patch notes address this, but if you’re on console like myself and many others, it’s a waiting game.

The recent patch is having the missing item show up. It was a recipe/knowledge issue.

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