Bazar price question

I watched a review of golem master from bazar on youtube. Youtuber shows bazar page and I saw different price for bare essential armors then I see on my bazar page.

Does anyone know why?

I don’t know but could be that they have a discount if you have already purchased one of the armor sets already. These were available in other bundles before.


You’re lucky, they are 1296 for me as well :wink:

This sounds like the likeliest explanation. I know some of the bundles offered have been cheaper to me because I’ve already owned some of its contents. I’ll check that bundle if I remember when I get home, as I own the Pictish dancer outfit and the bathrobe already.

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Hi @Bambere

Just like @Narelle and @Kapoteeni mentioned, if you already own some of the items from a specific bundle, the price will be deducted accordingly.

Hope this helps!


And where would a person have found this information? I sure missed it :flushed:

Here is a link that might help you out:


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