Bazzar getting more and more ridicoulus

What do you mean???
Chapter 3 will be totally POG and full of epic content!
Dungeons and events and pog new sorceries and mechanics and bug fixes on top.
Don’t you remember the streams? Devs themselves said Chapter 3 will be full of content and story progression :smile:

We totally won’t get 2/3 of patch notes related to BP and Bazaar and new exciting content totally won’t be a new set of edgy one-liners on BP pages and another basic event Savage WIlds team can poop out in 3 days of development. It gonna be so epic I can’t wait.

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:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: can’t wait!

Jokes aside lads… from what i read here (forum) and there (reddit) i got 1 conclusion:
Most players keep a close eye on what the Chapter 3 Battle pass will be like… same the bazaar, and chapter 3 content itself, its better be good for god sake
In other case i predict huge loss of player numbers, many clans already thinking about to leave (sure most of them just probably overreacting) but anyways, its not positive tendency at all :sneezing_face:

Me. I’m the idiot that buys items on the bazaar store.

This is what I wonder: why leave (or threaten to leave)? No-one is forced to buy the Battle Pass or even open the Bazaar tab. All the free content is still there for our enjoyment. And if that’s not enough for us - it’s okay to take a break.

Very few games in history can hook players to keep playing for as long and as passionately as Conan Exiles, yet any game gets stale eventually. It’s not because the game gets worse over the years, it’s simply because the novelty value has worn off and we’ve seen and experienced everything there is to experience. Game developers cannot produce new content as quickly as we consume it.

(Then again, chess hasn’t received a DLC in many, many generations, and people still play it with a passion. I admit I’m not one of them.)

So I guess the situation is: will Chapter 3 have enough novelty value to light up the passion for us veterans once again, to get us playing for a few hundred hours more?


It looks like they will introduce some new materials or even mechanics in Chapter 3.
Who knows maybe it’s hardened/reinforced/enchanted/improved/epic/abyssal not-eldarium with an entirely new tier of weapons and tools, or maybe it’s just another 5 minutes worth event.

One thing I know for sure. Players wait for actual content and when I say actual it’s something more than a few events and new BP aka “story progression” with no actual presence in-game.
Yeah, they had/have issues with DLC armor display on NPCs but it didn’t stop them from at least placing some new BP story-themed decorations and npcs around the main hero of Chapter 2 BP, maybe even some new voice lines, etc. So far we only have 6 months worth of edgy BP one-liners and a few short events.

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There’s a bit of conventional wisdom that says people don’t leave bad jobs, they leave bad bosses. As with all conventional wisdom, take it with a bit of salt and not as a universal law of physics.

I believe something like that also applies to things like games. The big difference between chess and Conan Exiles is that chess isn’t owned by a company who suddenly decided to treat the chess players in a much different fashion.

Whether the players are “right” to leave or not is a different, highly subjective matter, but I think I can at least understand their motives for doing so.


Many are right in that we CAN still play without all the new glitter and glamour. Which is one reason why I have continued to play. Money can and does burn a hole in my pocket on occasion but I have also been known to have the wherewithal of constraint when I don’t agree with something. Sort of like supporting FF restaurants… I love a good burger from the golden arches but they pay and treat their employees poorly so my money does not contribute to that circle of bullshit. That is a conscientious decision I made by weighing the information I have and my morals.

I guess I am saying all this in the spirit that some feel cheated and taken for. And I know people that have left because of 3.0, although for many different reasons from the FOMO to the administrative practices to name a few.

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That’s how the marketing “experts” at Shaiya EU once thought, too. It worked quite well for a while. Then the players ran away in droves, Aerie Games had to fire 1/3 of its staff in Berlin and after the rescue through the merger with Gamigo (and previous record losses) then the entire marketing department right after. A lesson in how not to do it. And once the damage is done by lost trust, you can’t get it sorted out anymore.

You can’t keep a company alive in the long run with just a few “Whales”. Because if half of them break off (and that can happen very quickly), that’s it. And there are countless examples of this in recent history, across all industries. Maybe they just don’t learn that in business studies…

Whales still require “normal” players to show off the stuff they have or use whale-specific advantages. Especially true in multiplayer games and MMOs.
Going full “Whale mode” won’t do any good for a game in the long run because at some point people who refuse to whale in the game will abandon it or move on to a new shiny thing. Unless you’re a dev of some Korean MMO with 3 months life cycle.


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