Bazzar getting more and more ridicoulus

No, seriously, is there someone who actually buys from the bazaar ?
Cause those prices are dumb and crazy.

Market Stand Set: 5 decorations → 1700 Coins ? Who is the idiot who makes these prices ?
I would have bought it if the price was 400-500 coins. But 1700 ? Those are 15€ for god’s sake !

Zamorian Hanging Gardens: 4 decorations → 1500 Coins ?

No no no, this is ridicoulus. I really hope everyone stops spending money on this game (IF they are even doing it - cause I’m not that sure about it).


I can’t help but wonder how much some of the deco mods in the workshop would cost if their authors were allowed to charge money per item based of Funcom’s pricing? S2S comes to mind :grimacing:

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That what i not get too all the stuff is way too overpriced ive the woud cut the prices in half they woud sell much more

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i bought the dogs set some days ago, because i wanted the skelton dog, then next day they come with bone conjurer set, wtf.



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I’ve bought a few things from the Bazaar. Happy to answer any questions that don’t include the words ‘dumb’ and ‘crazy’ in it.

Honest question because I can’t 100% remember, but wasn’t the Market Stall more like 1200 coins? Also, if you buy anything over the basic coins package, it works out to $1 CDN per Crom coin or less, this means USD gets even more value and since the Euro is still higher than the US dollar, I fail to understand how you managed to get that math that you’ve posted? For a 1200 Crom coint set, you should be paying like 8 euros? Secondly, the Hanging Gardens also don’t cost 1500 coins? It was like 1200 or so also, or slightly under.

Do I think prices are a little high? Yes. Do I love this game more than any other game I’ve ever played and feel the amount of time I spend in game justifies me buying them, I do. While I’d like for everything I purchase to be cheaper, and while I disapprove of this monetization method, I still buy what I want, when I want. As an adult I can decide how I spend my money :slight_smile: just like you can decide to not buy and post any feedback here.

If I’m wrong about the cost of those items, I apologize; unless of course they are charging different amounts in different regions, but I can’t imagine they would do this.


Oh yes actually. Its why new items in Season 2 were 10-20% more expensive than Season 1.

Yes i buy, but im considering stoping to buy since the official server i play gos unresponsive every day by evening and no one can join it. I buy the item on the intent to support the game and help to keep it up but it becomes pointless to do if they give a sh… when you report that you cant join the server you play. Some say ah you can play single player, well bazaar and bp stuff dont work offline, or go private, well if i go private why i will buy bugged decorative stuff if there are a plenty of mods. They dont even have a decence of scheduling an adtional restart by the afternoon to minimize the problem. They close our bug reports asking to call zendesk, and zendesk close the tickets without solution.

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I only saw fair prices for the building sets.
Some other stuff I would like to have and was overpriced in my opinion i don’t buy because of Bugs and missing items.

The market stuff is nice but to expensive in my opinion.

I am sure if the game would work good after 3.0 on my PlayStation I would spend over 100€ even if I would think its too much for some items. But now I am still at the 25 euro from september.

But I am sure this high prices are OK for them. There are enough who buy it right now. Some marketing experts has calculated that and they are fine with that.

Maybe its if they half the price they double up the sells… But why if higher prices are bringing the same

I’m not convinced we needed yet another separate topic for this, but…

There have been a few items I’ve felt worth the price. Most of the stuff there I haven’t bought because either I didn’t like the aesthetics, or it was something I wouldn’t use in the game anyway. But if it’s something that looks nice, and something I would use actively, only a few items have been so overpriced that I haven’t bought them because of that.

I don’t spend much because I don’t play much. I tend to miss many of the really cool items.

Lets say it… probably FULL bulding set (like Stormgalss) is worth 10 usd…
Yes, its much expensive that old DLCs, yes, you can buy full AAA game on sale with 10 usd… but anyways. You can build entire town with it, so, probably worth for builder type of players, server owners and just RPs.
Alas couple of small decors, armor sets, or weapons cost 10 usd is ridiculous.
Now we got bathtub and some other decor for 15-20 usd… this pricing really turns ugly…

About emotes, viking horn emote looks cool, maybe even usefull (sound) - but should it cost 380 CC? Well, most of players got 1200 CC (via BP), or maybe 10 usd CC bundle, so, logically, it should cost 200 or i dont know…
Even if i buy it, i got 820 CC left… not enough to buy anything cool… so i must buy 1200 CC again (10 usd)… you see where this is coming to?

That’s the grift with all these game currency schemes. You’re supposed to have some left over, but not enough to buy anything cool, to act as a sunk cost to entice you to buy more. It’s disgusting, but sadly it works.

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They are robbing you, because you let them. Just stop buying so that they will have to reconsider if being greedy is worth it. The items are not going anywhere. They will eventually rotate them back with not so greedy pricing if people would just stop purchasing the stuff. Im all about supporting the devs but you shouldnt tolerate this kind of money gouching.


Well I haven’t bought any item yet… and not sure i will, but anyway, i got 1200 coins left from BP
Since BP chapter 2 was not good enough (most players are upset about it) I am not sure i gonna spend those coins on chapter 3…

It is not a set amount of money people will spend, some will have a budget where they have a certain amount of money to spend on gaming per month while others just spend until they feel they got what they wanted or simply have to stop buying because they have spent too much, and then there those that don’t really care about prices, fair or not, they just buy what they want as long they have the money for it, some call them whales, I think it is mostly the last group Funcom is aiming for.

It is hard to say if half the price would sell double amount, it really depends on their customers, what type of people they are, a half price could perhaps be less profitable, but it could also be more profitable, it really depends on the sweet-spot :slight_smile:

In the end the most important thing is that they either keep their playerbase or make it slightly grow, because a drop in player base will mean less amount of potential customers, people that have stopped playing likely won’t buy anything from the Bazaar.

They may have an acceptable profit from it right now, but I highly doubt that their strategy will benefit them in the long run, too many people are disappointed and their reputation may suffer from it, it is the risk you take when focus only on maximizing profit rather than finding a balance where both customers feel it is a fair and they get a profit :slight_smile:

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I’m just sick of this credit grift and FOMO shit in games, personally. It’ not about the money really, I have all the steam DLC packs and I would have paid more, it’s the predatory tactics they employ when psychologists take over the marketing department. CE is nothing special in that sense, if anything they’re late to the party.


The prices are pretty similar to what I saw in the Fallout 76 store.

Lads is there any big games with ingame markets with reasonable prices anyway?
Do we have such example?
I mean you know, new armor skins for 0.99 usd etc

Therein lies the rub. The reasonable price is the price that an individual is willing to pay and therefor does so and less. Anything a cent higher is unreasonable. For that individual and that individual only.

What is unreasonably priced at $15 for someone, another will purchase and may consider $20 to be unreasonable where another may pay up to $25. And then you have some who would think the same item is unreasonably priced at $5.

No one is more correct than the other.

Thus the standard lays at the seller and how much they intend to make. And thus they need to determine if they are selling enough units and also meeting said goals. Then determine if they need to sell more units or raise or lower prices based on market expectations.

While feedback from us is ‘kind of’ useful. When we say we will buy something for a lower price doesn’t mean we will. For example, I’ve stated in the forums, and during beta testing feedback that I think the prices in the bazaar should be 30% lower. However there is no guarantee that -I- will buy such items for 30% cheaper. What use is it to them if they lower prices and I have no intention on buying the items anyway? Because in my personal case, I’ll be honest, I still probably wouldn’t.

Now FC has to navigate the tricky predictions of how large of the portion of us who aren’t buying would actually buy at a lower price. If its enough to push them to their goals, they’ve made a good choice. If not, and they are meeting goals at the current prices, then it makes no sense to lower. There is no guarantee that there will be enough extra buyers in the future to increase profits by the same amount or more than the profits they would lose at the current prices of those who ARE buying.

In my opinion and my opinion only, it would make sense to eventually lower current item prices. The idea is everyone who is willing to purchase them at their current prices will have all done so. With only the occasional new player who hasn’t purchased the item being left out of those who have yet bought said items that would pay those prices.

And when that time comes around those items would stand to make money if lowered for those who might buy them. But at the same time a sufficient amount of time must pass so that those who did buy them at the current prices don’t simply wish to wait in the future when new items come out for them to be offered at lower prices. If said time is not sufficient, then they would lose money in future sales as previously earlier adopters simply manage enough patience to wait for a lower price.

But this would take a large amount of time, such around 12-18 months or longer after the item is initially available. They have extended this time by not quite making the items available all the time (not quite FOMO, but a similar strategy). So unlike a game on Steam, you can’t expect a sale in a 6-12 month time frame, but something closer to twice that, or even longer.

If the prices are lowered in Chapter 3, we will have information that will lead us to believe that they might not be meeting goals and feel the need to sell more units and have data that believes that more units sold will result in more revenue. If they do not lower prices (they actually raised prices in Chapter 2 compared to the first), then we can infer that they believe they are simply meeting the goals they have set from themselves and do not wish to take the gamble outlined above.

I would point out that raising, lowering, or maintaining prices is a gamble in itself. There is no surefire way to ensure goals are met and maintained. They can only hope they have enough data to make an informed decision.

Like I said, feedback from us ‘kind of’ helps. But our word is not a guarantee. Keeping our wallets closed but continuing to play, speaks very loudly. Especially inbetween chapters and major sales on various platforms. If the same 10,000-12,000 play on an every day basis but don’t spend money, then there is potential lost. If a quarter of the players stop playing, but the whales keep buying enough to make goals, whats to make them think they will lose money in the next quarter if all they have to do is keep the big spenders happy?

You could argue that even with the numbers up, the whales can keep it afloat by keeping the goals met. And that is unfortunately true. But questions may arise among those who make decisions of why the rest aren’t buying in as well? They do have an idea of who is buying and who isn’t. And it wouldn’t be too far fetched to suggest that the average spent per person isn’t some sort of consideration.

Again this is just my opinion, and others may have different ones. But I don’t believe its too far off the mark. And I believe in this notion enough to remain patient and continue to not purchase items until I do see something that I want enough to purchase at the price that would be low enough to for me to consider doing so.

But at this time I cannot with any guarantee say, “I would buy X item that is available, at Y price.” This is NOT a guarantee I will make, and I do not believe I am alone in this. This is something FC will have to contend with. Just because others may say they will buy an item at a certain price doesn’t meant that they or many others, will.

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pretty sure in some twitch stream or video they said all these microtransactions are so they can keep the lights on and keep development rolling for conan exiles.

MEANWHILE. December 9th > Feb 8th 1 patch.

62 days for less bug fixes than i have fingers and a new weapon sheathing animation.
Huge L