Bazzits Library

ok so i did a stupid thing and deleted that bazzits library, i honestly thought that one belonged to the past that AO remember this quest.
Now i cant perk AI tech 3. It says i gota have the bazzits library to perk it.
I was thinking ok maby just buy the teck from the itemstore…
Sealed bazzits library Use this item to get the Bazzit’s Alien Library.

You can’t break the seal if you have completed the Bazzit quest line. You must be level 150 or higher and have the Alien Invasion expansion.
So hmm… was thinking then i maby do the Quest all over again…
I ran to bazzits and found out i coudnt start the quest. I coudnt even go back to last spot on quest to do the last parts.
So Funcom what do i do now? i petitioned the issues without any answers.
name on character is powerpot on rubika
Woud be thankful if u can spawn a new bazzits library to that character.

Send in ticket, wait 3-6 weeks.