Bear meat is mentioned in the books, whi isn't it in the game? please add

I think that bear meat should be in the game.
It is mentioned in the books:
““In the heart of the forest, Conan stalked his prey with silent determination. The massive grizzly bear, its fur glistening under the dappled sunlight, was a formidable opponent. Conan knew that if he wanted to survive the harsh wilderness, he would need to claim the bear’s meat for his own. With a mighty swing of his axe, he brought down the beast, and its succulent bear meat would provide him sustenance for days to come.””

With so many types of leather, fur and hide, one would expect to have the same in the meat department.
With Age of War, it would be fitting for a true warrior to have a bear feast.
This doesn’t look like it would “provide me with sustenance for days to come”:
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This is a survival game where cooking should take center stage, along side drinking. It would be nice to have a diet system where eating the same thing twice would have diminishing returns, enabling us cooking more diverse meals.

Just my thoughts for what would be a nice addition to the game.


because 98% of the conan lore is not in the game…
actualy its only the name of the game and the conan npc in the tavern

@DaVice ce u dont kow what lore ur talking about i talk about howards chimerian world were conan exists, the savage world of sword and socrcery, were guys with less brain slaughte everything thats weaker then them

about what lore to we talk the one from the movies the one from the comic or the orignal from the books…

maybe u take a look into the conan lore on discord, u may noticed 98% of was inside there u cant even find into the game… startig up with citys nations and races…

I disagree completely @Rastulla. Conan Exiles follows the lore very well, better in fact, than I would prefer sometimes.

Perhaps in another age, where the focus is farming and cooking, we will get more recipes, and who knows, maybe even bear meat.

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They need to redo all cooking recipes and rework food anyway. Learning one recipe at a time would be better. Adding new meats along with vegetables and whatnot would be nice, though I doubt it happens.


Maybe some animations when eating/drinking, similar to what we have with aloe extract. There’s more roleplay in this game that people like to admit.


Where is the goat meat? Hyena meat? Elephant meat? Rhino meat? Rosknose meat? I demand rocknose meat!!!

Ye rocknose meat. Stone pie and rock sausages, mmmm…

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