Beard bug on character selection screen

Like many/all games, AoC has it’s share of bugs, and I know there are more important ones that many people would like to be resolved first and foremost. For myself, I don’t usually find any (except the ‘ocasional’ transparent mount), but I’m kind of a PvE casual player and don’t take much notice on the mechanics’ intricacies.

I know it’s not that important and that I’m nitpicking, but the beard bug in the character selection screen always ‘bugged’ me (if you pardon the pun). That is: the beard doesn’t show on the character whatsoever.

Like the transparency bug that sometimes happens to mounts or PoM’s snake head effect (making it look like a decapitated body), it’s there since the beginnings of the game. Cannot they be resolved once and for all?


Think I made a boo-boo. Maybe this should be in the bug thread. These bugs are so old, I didn’t remember. Is there a direct way to move there without asking any moderator? I didn’t found any button for that option.

Bumped, again; on both posts. Should have started it in the bug/support section, but wasn’t sure at the time. Seeing others being replied on the same type of bugs confirms it. Or must be my aftershave. Get the hint.

Makes me a little sad each time I look at the log on screen. So many of my toons look unfamiliar without their chin-wigs…

Hasn’t this bug been around since the DX10 update? Or was it the F2P update?

Found an old forum post from 2013 referencing it, so could be either :slight_smile:

I just remember giving thanks that the beard was still there when I logged in. My main looks like a headmaster without it…