Beard bug on character selection screen

Like many/all games, AoC has it’s share of bugs, and I know there are more important ones that many people would like to be resolved first and foremost. For myself, I don’t usually find any (except the ‘ocasional’ transparent mount), but I’m kind of a PvE casual player and don’t take much notice on the mechanics’ intricacies.

I know it’s not that important and that I’m nitpicking, but the beard bug in the character selection screen always ‘bugged’ me (if you pardon the pun). That is: the beard doesn’t show on the character whatsoever.

Like the transparency bug that sometimes happens to mounts or PoM’s snake head effect (making it look like a decapitated body), it’s there since the beginnings of the game. Cannot they be resolved once and for all?


Think I made a boo-boo. Maybe this should be in the bug thread. These bugs are so old, I didn’t remember. Is there a direct way to move there without asking any moderator? I didn’t found any button for that option.

Bumped, again; on both posts. Should have started it in the bug/support section, but wasn’t sure at the time. Seeing others being replied on the same type of bugs confirms it. Or must be my aftershave. Get the hint.

Makes me a little sad each time I look at the log on screen. So many of my toons look unfamiliar without their chin-wigs…

Hasn’t this bug been around since the DX10 update? Or was it the F2P update?

Found an old forum post from 2013 referencing it, so could be either :slight_smile:

I just remember giving thanks that the beard was still there when I logged in. My main looks like a headmaster without it…

Beards on selection screen were showing fine in 2010-2011, that’s when i created my namesake character. But somewhere in next 2 years patch or update messed it up, so all my male characters look clean shaven (it’s not just beards, mustashes gone too). BTW why the game Screen shot key(s) not working on character selection screen? Odd coincidence indeed