Bearer loot box find!


Last night I killed the bearer doing push-ups at one of the highlands ridge villages and to my surprise I used the box to find 300 alchemical base! Is this new? I’m assuming it’s a fairly rare find.

yeah some of them have 50 or 100 alchemical base, you were lucky my friend.

I either get 50 or 500 and it’s been that way for a while I’m pretty sure.

When I do get Alch Base from a bearer, it’s normally 250. Sometimes 500, but last night I got one at the Black Galleon with 1,000! Probably won’t see that again for awhile.


I got Iron for 1k units!
(Actually were 2 consecutive boxes with 500 each)

it depends on your server settings and your mods which modify it. I have had some servers give me 500 from the supplies, and one that gave me 5000 from a supply box.

I’m playing default settings on single player

I think it’s the adjustments of stack size is playing in to the drop potential from those. For the longest while, 150 was pretty much Alchemical cap. Now I am seeing 500 and more. I’ve never gotten that much but other people are reporting it on our server.

It’s a boon for new people and casual players. It’s a motivator as well. Black Ice for hardened steel is now something people go get because they have the leather for the Epic armors.

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