1,000 Alchemical base from Supply boxes

With the increase stack, it now easier to obtain alchemical bases from supply drops from bearers. It is worthwhile to continue to farm bearers to stockup on these in official server, rather than farming gold.


…and your suggestion is? that this should change, or?

I think that a thousand (two stacks) would be very rare, even one stack of alchemical base isn’t a frequent drop for me, and such a coincidence when bearer gives two stacks of alchemical base type I didn’t encounter yet. Granted, I don’t have statistics, maybe it’s profitable to farm them now.

Yeah, he wants just 10times more, because they stack higher :smiley: : D

But on the other hand: I have so many of them… One time I opened 100 supply boxes. I have so many branches, feathers and bones (and alchemy bases).

Last time someone wanted 50 alchemical base from me… I gave him 900 :smiley: :smiley:

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I agree with Walkerbow.

Last time i went on a npcs farming session (around 2 hours at the pirate ship) i got around 1 K alchimical base, even more maybe.
While it’s nice to see huge quantities of rare items poping up from those packs it just makes those items become “common items”.
And he 's right when he says farming gold is worthless now, because you’ll get a TON more by Killing bearers.

Suggestion: any stack of alchimical base should not exceed 50 pieces when opening the backpack.

I am not arguing either point here, I actually just wanted OP to articulate just what it was they were suggesting, since their post just states a fact, without proposing any change, yet it’s labeled a suggestion.

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50 sounds like a whole lot less than before this patch. But at this point, I think it’s moot because during today’s stream they mentioned that a serious overhaul of game economy is coming up, so, I suppose, they’ll retouch rarity of everything, not just alchemical base.

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Does anyone else freak out when looking in their boxes for a while after they increase stack size? It’s happened every time they do so, and I look in a box and only see 2 rows which is the same amount I had when the box was full of smaller stacks but something in my lizard brain screams “Get to farming, we’re dangerously low!”.

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yeah i agree 50 is a bit overkill :smiley:
100 is right i think.

I’m fine with finding a lot of items when you are FARMING it. You have kinda earned it.

But finding 750 alchemical bases in 1 pack is just making other ways of finding this item close to worthless, like collecting gold ore in the volcano for ex. I think that’s what the Op meant with his thread and i agree entirely.
the drop rate from alchemical base in bearer pack was fine how it was before. i Don’t think it’s intended by funcom to find that many now.
Must be a non intended “byproduct” of this new “Big stacks” feature in my opinion.
that’s why i think it’s good that Walkerbow is trying to let the devs know about this.


Since then I never pick up any gold at all (or silver)… :smiley:

Hi Mikey,

The suggestion is for everyone to farm bearers for these rare drops rather than gold.

If you see this as a suggestion to the developers of game, it will be determined if this a classified as a bug or a feature.

If this feature is here to stay and become a viable option to obtain these items, I would deemed it to be an option in the game, else it will appears like an exploit to those that got these advantage now at this point of time.

Definitely, I would like the former quantity obtained to be kept at former stack sizes while opening backpack, to maintain the current economy, but then, perhaps there is more considerations by the developers on how material is to be classified and plans for the use of them in the future.

Apologies for the confusion caused by my post.

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