Bearer loot drops

Is it intended to get so much alchemical base from “Supply Materials 14157”

considering the rest is garbage :

stone, wood, feathers, seeds, ironstone, branches, crystal.


I can confirm, I got 150 alchemy base from a single supply box, that kinda makes farming/crafting it pointless.


wow, that is a death sentence for all bearers.


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Because up until now they got to go free, right? Heh. While I am on record for saying killing bearers felt like “taking candy from children”… then again, if those children had candy made of solid gold, then… err, yeah I’m not sure where this allegory is going either, suffice to say: that many Alchemical Bases sounds excessive.

hopefully they reduce it. It is test live. they usually go high and then scale it back. I was hoping they learned from the Halloween event, maybe start low and tweak up the amounts and tiers of mats. Hopefully they tweak it down. TBH i was hoping it was only raw mats (gold ore, iron ore, stone, wood, plant fiber, silver ore, etc…), which would at least make me have to craft it to what i want, and have the level to craft what ever i got.

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No need it’s only raw-mat, i mean they can carry what ever they want or is needed. But it’s the number. I think if they drop 2-4 alchemy-bases with rest of stuff, all is fine, it’s just sweet surprise more.

It would also be strange if they carry more weight they can, and make no sens. I mean a mix of raw mats and different stuff is fine. Some moments we’re luckier than others. It depends also where your base is located, and what level you are if the gattered mats seems valuable or not.
But i like the global idea of the goodies, some other motivation to go out. :wink: