Bearer Tycho has no stats

Game mode: [ Select one: (Online official EU 8007
Type of issue: [ Select one: Bug ]
Server type: [ Select one: PvE ]
Region: [ EU
Hardware: ps5

Bug Description:

Have captured Bearer Tycho thrall and after taking him out of wheel of pain and placing him. He has no stats and zero chance of leveling up stats.
e.g. Strength. 0 0%
Agility 0. 0%

All stats the same have leveled him to lvl3 his hp not changed and all stats still 0

Expected Behavior:

Steps to Reproduce:


You should report this to Zendesk.

Thanks have submitted a Zendesk ticket

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Zendesk said post on forums :laughing:

Hey there!

Yes, please don’t use Zendesk for bug reports. Zendesk is used for infractions reports, ban appeals and official server status.
Regarding this issue, thank you for letting us know. We’ve sent your report to our team so it can be looked into.

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