Bearers now over powered

Why did you make named bearers then name fighters in the game because the one I got is 9900 here point

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Well its simple. Bearers have high health because they are holding your prized possessions. They cannot complete a full combo so while you can use them in battle they just are not effective. Now a named fighter with idk 6k health might have a lower health but it gets the maximum amount of damage in while in combat. So I do not see where a bearer might be classified as over powered. The day a Bearer learns how to use a two handed sword I will agree.


While techncially this is true, last I checked the combo’s for T4 fighters were not working very well. So a bearer does seem overpowered in comparison at this moment. But once they fix the combo issue with the fighters, they will do exactly as @kevbal stated.

After the fix it will be bearer for resource gathering, fighter for killing hard stuff.

The combos work when the fighter (or entertainer) is wielding the correct type of weapon. They don’t combo all the time, but they do combo a lot of the time if they have a weapon they like (two-handed weapon for Relic Hunter Captains, Cimmerian Berserkers and all Entertainers, one-handed for Dalinsia Snowhunter).

I haven’t seen a bearer do a combo at all, no matter how they’re armed, but I didn’t test them as extensively as I tested the fighters.

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finally we can use bearers without having to worry that they will die and drop all our stuff cos they do suck at fighting which of course is intended. it takes 3 times if not longer to kill anything with a bearer than with a fighter using the correct weapon.

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Bearers only do single attacks, they are no where near as strong as say captain or spinas. They’re great for moving stuff, but aren’t a replacement for high end fighters even with the extra 2500hp they have.

I equip my bearers with truncheons and do pretty good in knocking out other t4 thralls

I think it’s pretty cool. Warriors cannot pull combos while they’re being knocked down by bosses. A tank needs a fat health pool and bearers do an amazing job.

I used to hunt unnamed city bosses all the time with my t4 bearer, and she did ok. Then I tried it with Spinas (t4 volcano fighter) and it’s like night and day. He kills the stuff 3x faster with the same gear amd takes way less damage since everything dies faster.


I got Dacias the sharp (another T4 volcano fighter) and he has now replaced my bearer.

Noticed the bearer only swings once with the great sword while Dacias pulls full combos

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That’s, i fiddled around lot to figure out if i could or should this weapon to this or that fighter.
It’s worth the tests. And a good Seper captain with the right weapons do well. So do also the northern berserker, still if well stuffed, and with the weapons they’re made for.

Mostly if they come with a 1-handed wepons, sword or so, give them similar but better. If they have a 2-hander, you may give them this, still a better version.

Archers do best if you give them just one kind of arrows, don’t mix. Still let one spot free, so they can handle the weapons, this include food for fighting boost.

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