Bears HP a bit to much and single skull creatures hit like a 3 skull boss

Bears HP a bit to much and single skull creatures hit like a 3 skull boss.
Black bears HP is way up there…
Fought a bear today after a good 10 mins at level 60 using a cougar and star metal weapons I finally killed it. Easily had 10k or more hp and was as tough as a 3 skull boss.
SIngle skull creatures arent dropping demon blood either.


LOL I am happy to hear I wasn’t the only one. The first time I saw bears I was already feeling a little OP, but had to run away like a little bunny

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In siptah? I had tons on it from a corrupted dog and corrupted croc. Also dropped a bit of alchemy base.

The Corrupted (1-skull) Wolf is just as much an out-of-proportion gigantic piece of excrement as it was in the Exiled Lands, except in Siptah your companions are about 100 x more difficult to replace (RIP Dawnbringer Magnus).

Haven’t had the “joy” of the Corrupted Bear yet, so can’t say how tough that is.

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I have had 0 from most of them in dungeons you see it more. Spider demons drop it the most

It was a normal black bear with well over 10k hp, brown bears are a push over.

Siptah inflicted the Exiled lands in a very bad way. The balance of some corrupted animal went compltely through the oven. Sorry but i never had such difficulty to kiss a one skull bear like i had 2 days ago. As always well done Funcom.

Oh, but you all haven’t had the best fun of all yet. I found a “boss bear” up on the northeast island (corner of the Siptah map). Bears were already a bit much, so I wanted to see just what a “boss bear” would take.

So I put myself in ‘God mode’ – increased my damage output to maximum (x10 normal) and spawned in a legendary war-axe with an advanced damage mod on it – and I was already at 40 points in Strength (level 60). I went up to him and popped him in his back side. With all that modification, I can take down most creatures in 1-2 hits. Bears about 3-4 hits. He turned and looked at me like… are you serious? His health bar barely budged. I mean, wow – talk about a ‘tank.’ I started whacking on him and he would hit back. It took a while to whittle his health down and that’s with everything on maximum in the game and being immune to his damage. In a real scenario (that’s not cheating in single player), this “boss bear” could take out entire clans.

Siptah is a much more dangerous place than the Exiled Lands. Bears included. “Boss bears” especially.

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You shouldn’t try to kiss bears in first place.

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I’m glad mobs are harder, its a conan exiles game not some disney game.

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The bears are a amazing fight or with the big bear an amazing run. It is faster then you and the size of a small house lol but so fun, you kill a bear you are a warrior. Love the monsters on the new map.

1 skull do hit like a truck and you have to plan your battle with some of them as with healing so different it can end bad fast.

You have to make it drunk first. And in general, they prefer hugs anyways

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This reminds me of an old joke…

Lord Foptopp washes up on the Isle of Siptah. As he wanders the beach he meets other exiles and he starts to brag about how great of an adventurer he is.

One of the exiles comes up to him and says, “Listen, buddy. Here in Siptah, you ain’t nothin’ until you’ve done three things: Drink a bottle of jungle grog, kill a black bear, and make love to a Derketo priestess.”

Lord Foptopp accepts the challenge and starts by grabbing a bottle of jungle grog from a waterlogged chest and painfully chugging it down. He then says that he’ll be right back and ambles out into the wilderness.

A few hours later he stumbles back onto the beach all mangled and bloody and says, “I did it! Now where’s that Derketo priestess I’m supposed to kill?”


I always used to farm bears for the hide since each kill was like 700 tar’s worth of pelts, but uh… after having a very similar experience to yours Im gonna stick to crocodiles after all.

Yikes that happens when you type english to fast as non native talker. I mean’t kill blushes but you are right a bear always prefers hugs. :stuck_out_tongue: Next time i will discuss his wrath with a cup of tea and some honey buscuits.

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OMFG I almost choked rofl

One can say that they are currently unbeareable


Or that they are more than we can bear.
Get it? Works on two levels LOL :wink:
You’re groaning? C’mon, it wasn’t that bad. :grinning:
Okay… yeah it was.


Get out.

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Bear in mind that it was just a joke…

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