Beast of Burden

A Pack Mule to follow us along on our travels to carry our stuff, similar to the Barer’s currently in game but have more carry capacity and not be considered a Thrall and is not aggressive in any way and will only run away from an attacker, after the threat is dealt with the Pack Mule will return back to the spot where it was told to stay. but have the same commands Thrall’s have:
“Open Inventory”

That way we can also bring along a Fighter, Archer or an Entertainer Thrall to follow us as well to watch our backs while we collect resource and help fight off attackers / Heal up Corruption.

If not add a Pack Mule maybe just change the Barer’s in the game so that they do not fight and can be used with another Combat Thrall


It’s already there, they just haven’t turned it on yet. There are pack camels.