Maybe a Pack Mule?

I would love it if you could have a pack mule . You could use it to bolster your carrying of items. Have it follow you alone with your things on its back.

You could have other creatures to carry as well.


Camels already exist, and they’re good pack animals.

And of course, we have bearer thralls.


Yeah, but they smell really bad and try to spit on you a lot.

And the camels also do the same thing. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Dont worry Glurin, Conan being as wise as he is has show us how to defuse a situation where a camel spits on you.


Yeah currently T4 bearers have more HP than anyone else, but I have a feeling that’ll be changed at some point.

The 9900 feels a bit too much, yes. Sure, they don’t know how to fight, but they can wear the same armor as everyone else, so if all you need is a tank, a Bearer thrall is the way to go. It’s great that they’re useful even without epic heavy armor, but they might still be surviveable if they had, say, 2/3 of their current hitpoints.

I have the same mule as Chaonike, and similarly equipped too - although my Fairin is wearing green and carries a dragonbone weapon.

Supported, for Immersion.

Pack mule and camel please.

I finally remembered to try this in-game yesterday.

I was disappointed to find out there was no hidden achievement/journey step for “punch a camel”.

I havent punched a camel in CE yet. But I have punched my fair share of horses in Red Dead Redemption 2. Usually after I try to search their saddle bags and then they kick me.

Oh and I agree. That along with his prayer to Crom were classic moments in cinema history. Best…Prayer…Ever!!

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