What About Cargo/Caravan Animals?

I haven’t really gotten into taming animals in CE because a friend of mine who has told me it’s really not worth it. So I supposed that my suggestion if it hasn’t already been done would be to maybe make some of the larger animals (i.e. shalebacks, rhinos, Elephants) have inventories like bearers so that players would have more reason to tame them.

Actually, I’d prefer to see the Large Animals like Rhinos, Elephants, Rocknoses and possibly new animals added in a DLC (Water Buffalo, Horses maybe something more fantastical?) be able to be ridden rather than larger cargo space since a tier 3 Bearer or Named Bearer is generally far more efficient in combat and is less visible so on PvP servers you’re less likely to have a mob of Corrupt Alpha Clan-members come bearing down on you for accidentally looking in their general direction.

Smaller (and I use the term ironically) like Jaguar/Leopard/Tiger/Panther, Shalebacks, Wolves and Bears should possibly be able to be altered much like the current tier of Brews available from the DLCs to have ‘Armored’ and ‘Savage’ versions. Armored, naturally, buffs their health and armor. Savage boosts their damage and attack-speed rates.

I’d love to see Snakes be a tameable species, either eggs that can be looted from the Skull-tier World Bosses or a rare item sold by merchants.

Alternatively, an item like ‘Saddlebags’ could be a craftable item that, when applied to a creature before it is placed in the world, grants it double the slots of it’s normal inventory as well as a small graphical alteration to display this fact, and that would make larger beasts like Rhinos and Elephants very useful to Clans or Solo-Players who can’t gain access to higher-Tiered Bearers, even if the size of such creatures makes them more vulnerable to Raiders from other Clans who see this large, bulky target that’s probably overflowing with raw goods for them to plunder …

Hmmm… I use ordinary Hyena to carry Stones when I gather Ironstone and Coal. And yes, there are Turanian Elephants. If you play on server you even don’t have to buy this DLC yourself: anyone having this DLC can take your Elephant pet just from your pen and craft Turanian Elephant for you.

The gazelle actually carries a fair bit already. It’s pretty good as a pack animal for early game. Even for later game, imho. And you don’t need to shell out 10 gold for a camel to get it. It doesn’t have a lot of health points, but it is a good option. Camels carry a lot, too, but I find they often get in my way, or block my passage. So early game I tend to use gazelles, other pets, or any thralls to help with carrying.

I agree though, some more options for actual pack animals would be sweet.

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