Being griefed , need help from funcom

Hi , I am on server 3952 pve conflict , tribe name is empire , my player name is PREDATORSPHINX , we have many cupboards full of all our things we are moving and another player has built a wall box around our stuff so we can’t get to it , the players name is lexa, online I’d is kabca002 , clan is B R Power , the block they have created is at c 10 (left hand side middle of zone ) , please remove it for us ASAP so we don’t loose it all

You need report this thru right method, Saying names is sadly name shaming, and against rules.

May want edit them out. =( (cause ya, someone can now PM said user, tell them to stick it somewhere… they may just make it worse thinking its PM from you or friends. )

Take videos and Photos if you can.

Where is the right place to report , email is not going through to funcom support ?

How to report an exploit

To report an exploit or infraction, please follow the steps shared below:

If you want to report an infraction in any of our official servers, please contact us via Direct Message in our forums. You can do so by going to your profile, selecting Message, and in the recipient field type in @Community . Do not tag any other players or members of our community in your reports.

Once you’re filling in the report, please make sure to include the following details:

  • Platform
  • Name of the Server
  • A description of the infraction being reported
  • Irrefutable, veridic proof and evidence to back up your report. This includes, but is not limited to, screenshots, videos, timestamps, names of characters and guilds, profiles.

Make sure to reach us this way to report players, clans or exploits.

Because your a new member, you wont be able to Pm them right off bat. So just make sure clear out names in 1st Post.

@Ignasi @Hugo @Tascha will help lure one in to set you up with rights.


Send you a long PM on a way that you might use.

No it’s not an Exploit tho, but read it and if it helps you, all the best.

Do report them tho :smiley:

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