Server 6445 Base Encirclement Grid N8 pond

As the title says. My base has been encircled at grid N8 pond on Siptah Official Server 6445,

This is a violation of the TOS.

Please communicate with the offending player, or have them removed from the server. Thank you very much.

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You’ll need to take screenshots and then report the infraction by sending a direct message to @Community. Make sure to include all the details (server, location, name of the clan that walled you in, name of your clan, etc) and the screenshots. Be thorough with the screenshots – include one that shows the output from holding tab in front of the wall, and probably one with your location on the map.

Good luck :+1:

I hope they resolve it quickly.


You know better :slight_smile: … i get it… but keep amplifying a process that doesn’t work is just as bad as not saying anything at all.

I dont understand your position when you do this, its well documentated that the process doesnt get results so you in turn build up false hope in players like this.

I’ve explained my “position” to you before, but I’ll do it again and bookmark it this time, so I can point you to it the next time you decide to pretend you don’t know :smiley:

The process, as it is right now, sucks balls for various reasons. Regardless of how inefficient or slow or ineffective the process is, if you’re getting griefed or if there’s a cheater on your server, you have the following options:

  • Don’t try to contact Funcom. You’re on your own. If you’re on a PVE or PVE-C server, you either live with the crap or you move to another server. End of story.
  • Contact Funcom the wrong way. If you post a public post without any incriminating details, it’s the same as not contacting Funcom, but a bit worse, because you’re under impression that you did something. If you include incriminating details, it’s against the forum rules and your post will get removed.
  • Report the infraction correctly. Follow the procedure and you’ll get a reply from Funcom. They will either ask you for more details, or they will give you a canned response along the lines of “we received your report, we’ll get to it when we can, but bear in mind that we won’t tell you anything about the resolution.”

Of these three options, the only one that has a chance of getting Funcom to do anything about it is the third one. So it’s kinda like the Pascal’s Wager, only with more evidence of success.

Normally when I tell people how to submit a report correctly, I also explain the caveats: the canned response, the lack of transparency about outcomes, the slow processing (can take 6-8 weeks or more), etc. The reason I didn’t do it this time is because I know this server and I know the player who posted this, and I was going to talk to them in-game.


No you haven’t… i dont know where that response came from.

So you know its got no chance or little to no chance of working yet you prop it up. Its not like a moderator or an official member does it… you literally always go out of your way to amplify it. I just find that odd behaviour to watch is all.

What i am getting at is you’re becoming an enabler of this bad process. It gives people false hope and if Funcom or Moderators want to intervene fine, but when a player endorses this it becomes a signal “this is the way, it will work”… when…it just doesnt

Thats what I mean by status quo… its not about attacking you, or belittling you…its holding up a hand and saying “dude…what are you doing ?…you know better?”

I don’t “prop it up”. Like I already said, I normally tell people what to expect – canned replies, long processing times, no transparency about outcomes. I could pull up plenty of examples, but what’s the point? If you’ve really seen me do this as many times as you imply, you’ll have noticed.

“Enabler” implies that I have the power to change the process. I don’t.

No, I don’t know better. Please, illuminate me – how exactly am I supposed to make the process better?

By not endorsing a broken process… just my 2c…if you know its broken then why add your weight behind it.

Especially if you have no influence in fixing it .

So, by telling people how not to get their posts removed for breaking forum rules, describing how the process works and warning them not to expect much from it, I’m endorsing the process? You might wanna reevaluate your ideas about what “endorsement” means…

It’s not about attacking you or belittling you, it’s holding up a dictionary and saying “dude… what are you saying? you know better?”

EDIT: Slightly changed phrasing for clarity.

Eh? i feel you’re attacking but we switched topics…sorry catch me up…where are we now?

@CodeMage and @dorizzdt
You guys have way too much free time!!! Why don’t you join pve-c 1040 and farm some stones for me instead of making fools of yourselves on the forum :slight_smile:

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You lost me at PVE-C… …conan without risk is like playing Minecraft with cheats on… never understood the PVE-C side of this space…

There’s Conan for every tastes, mate. I play pve-c on official because it’s fun to do dungeons and quests with people. I play pvp on private with permadeath on, because i also like risk. What I can’t is play pvp on official. Don’t have that much free time to spend on gaming.
Hope you guys have fun :wink:

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he is not giving false hopes , the process can work , it has worked for me (even before the rules were changed to be more clear 5/6 months ago now ) . The only thing is that there is no evidence anywhere left that it worked since funcom doesn’t publicly say a punishment has been given , nor tell the report sender any details of the evolution . in the end , it’s also the part of the person making the report to make it the most readable and contains an undiscutable proof of greifing/cheating/ect…

( I still have the link of a now closed topic where the troll went to complain why all his stuff lost stability in a single second if you want a proof , I can send it in pm , I just hope I’m allowed to do so by the forum rules )


I reported someone With screenshots on PVE, a clan that loved walls and anticlimb.

They decayed yesterday… I’m guessing they got a holiday from funcom. So yeah it works…


Youre one of the lucky ones if you got a response that quick. Im on day 23 with nothing.

Note: No response, they won’t tell you. You just have to pay attention to timers etc.

But also very important to claim abit land first, (if you plan to build big) make fingers, to somewhere not buildable, especially on PVE, and pvec.

Put up sign with under construction.

Oh and its probably 3 weeks ago.

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I’ve had my base encircled on an official server. I reported it through the correct channels with pictures. The offending clan was given a 1-week ban within days. They got around it, presumably through family sharing, a loophole which is being closed. Regardless, they ended up leaving the server shortly after, and I’ve happily never seen them on it since. So, while my story is anecdotal, an official report can work, and at a minimum it’s better to follow the correct procedure than just complain that it doesn’t work without even trying it.

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I’m guilty of spending way too much time on these forums during work. Every time I have to kick off a long build and wait for it to finish, instead of doing something smart and productive, I come here.

Whatever I post in the evenings, though, is when I’m waiting for some in-game crafting to finish. When you’re waiting for hundreds of T3 walls, you can’t run around much. I wish we had a crafting bench for building pieces.

it might happen sooner than you expect :wink:

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