Belit NEEDS to be buffed

She needs to be buffed, her attack speed is way to slow and took her 2 turns to take out a giant scorpion early prior to round 5 all of the other characters are capable of soloing without an army or defenses up until about round 5 shes barely capable of surviving past round 3 unless you amp up defenses rather then resource production early or choose to build an army. This really offsets your chances of winning. Awesome play style and id like to play her more but right now shes just not realistic for online play or solo. Till then wont be playing her if i want to win. Oh and her ultimate isnt even worth using your better off just letting her auto slowly.

Hello @kport10, thank you for your feedback, it has been registered for the developers to consider!

A couple of additional tips for the new hero, you may place her near braziers for increased damaged potential and, in regards to her active ability, it can be useful to simultaneously tank and damage waves head on by allowing her to get surrounded by weaker mobs and proceeding with using the AOE on top of herself.

plus that looks pretty freaking cool when you do that lol