Arena Champion on crack

Is this chick on crack? I’m asking because I have been farming her for the armor scraps and I have noticed something that I have seen others noticing as well. I have soloed this several times with a t4 volcano fighter, who almost solos her on his own. But every now and then, when I engage her in combat, it seems as though she remembers the ■■■ whupping my thrall gave her and has been training like Vegita trains to beat Goku, and she commences to beat my thralls ■■■, my ■■■ and any thing else that gets in her way. I swear she is on crack! I mean, I cant even keep up with healing arrows. Well, just curious if this is a bug or what?


Other players have reported similar experiences, where they claim increased damage received from the arena champion. I have not witnessed this myself. She hits hard but consistent every time I have encountered her. Probably around 20 times or so.

I only experience a bad fight with her when she stun locks. If she stun locks you, it can be a three hit death.

She is the Arena Champion, she’s meant to be able to eat most combatants whole, thematically speaking at least.

That said, I have also noticed her able to murder a Relic Hunter Fighter from the Ruins, who was wearing Flawless Heavy Armor, with a Flawless Hardened Steel Shield and the Quake legendary mace, even with me running up and constantly stabbing her in the butt with Poison-Infused Daggers to keep stacks of Bleed and Poison up on her and throwing Healing Arrows at my Thrall almost constantly.

She maaaaaaay need a bit more fine-tuning …


Or you must need to learn how to fight her. Seriously guys are you never tired of asking for nerfing anything that’s a little bit difficult ?

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they should play in admin mode, god status activated, and they will be happy, nothing will kill them.

Your fighter needs better armor? Like Epic Flawless Heavy Armor maybe?:grinning:
Honestly she is super easy with daggers esp. the Wirlewind blades or Havoc and Malice because you can stun lock her the entire time.

You just need to adapt.


I don’t think the Arena Champion needs too much of a nerf, as I said, she’s the Champion for a reason, but she does hit like a Mack Truck, so she’s something of a gear/skill check for players who aren’t using high-end Tier 4 Fighter Thralls. Maybe tweak her to hit a bit less hard or similar.

I will note that Funcom did make her somewhat optional on the second visit to the Warmaker’s Dungeon, since just before you leave the prison complex and enter the arena, there’s a large crack in the wall that, if you crouch and walk through it, allows you to bypass this boss entirely, so long as you already have the key she drops.

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