How do you beat Arena Champion after stamina patch?

I had the Arena Champion on farm, but now she kicks my butt. I was used to blocking her attacks and counterattacking, but now stamina drains too much and is impossible to regen without her beating you to death first. Any tips? Level 60, full T4 epic heavy armor, legendary shield, predatory blade. Playing on civilized; she still destroys me in no time. Thanks.


I am on ps4 so have not been hit by stamina change yet. The Predatory blade doesn’t do damage with heavy attacks. Not saying are not aware of that but wouldn’t you be better off with a different blade? @Dvaidp

Block and light attack with pred, was a good idea. worthless now. but understandable.

You will need to go with the old school way. either have a Thrall tank her while you stagger her to death, or solo it without a thrall and stagger her to death.

You can still use the shield block you just need to move around so you regen


Ah, but you don’t know the secret combo with heavy attack? Light, light, heavy, light unlocks a powerful finisher that is different from the normal light attack.

Edit: and applies a debuff


Just felt a beast master teimos thrall lmao


Is he tougher than Dalinsia Snowblower though?

Thanks I didn’t know the secret Master.

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I still successfully solo her with 2 x Havoc and Malice even tho stamina is a bit harder to manage.
One set of Havoc and Malice with Scorpion Queen poison another set for bleeds. Lots of back flips. Light heavy heavy light light back flip, rinse and repeat. Switch weapon when 10 stacks of poison, apply 20 bleeds, then keep refreshing bleeds and poison every 8 sec or so. Can add 10 stacks of poison twice with one poison bottle on your daggers.

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Venom-infused daggers!
You can stunlock her, and when low on stamina, press a CTRL and wait for your stamina bar to fill up. While it’s filling, a big portion of her HP is gone already.

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