Fighter Thrall Weapon question

Hi there!

For you guys running some epic fighter thralls, what are your setups?

Currently my main fighter, my hero, is a Snowhunter.
She has a full compliment of armor followed from firespark81’s youtube guide for max strength.

Head - Executioners Hood
Chest - Arena Champions
Hands - Godbreaker
Pants - Arena Champions
Boots - Turanian Maurauders

All buffed with the extra armor patch kit.
Armor is just over 1200
HP 11.9k
+40% damage from strength buffs

My question is what are some good weapon alternatives for MAX damage output?
After trying many, many chests for the Axe of the Lion ( Legendary, +5 strength, all i keep getting is duplicates of bows ) what crafted or easy to get weapon would you recommend for this build? One hand for speed or 2 handed? She is almost level 20, lets hope the strength perk pops up.

First perk was -str +acc
Second was - agi + str

Its a crazy build. she can take out most bosses.
Arena master can be a little troublesome with her knock downs, thrall takes a solid beating, but makes it…barely.

So if you have an epic beast of a fighter, that just melts away bosses, what are your weapon and armor choices?

I use a Lian with a sword of Crom. Prior to that was Yog’s touch with a shield for the longest time. I really like shield and axe still for a thrall since they do the heavy combo a lot and get a lot of knock downs on their own for the arena champ.

Might not be the overall most damaging weapon you’ll have suggested, but my primary companion thrall runs around with Yogs Touch, because with it he tends to tear apart most things. I mean, sure it has a base dmg of… 54,i think, but the armor pen being 40 makes him shred stuff like the arena champion with somewhat ease, especially if you chuck a fencer mod on it for that extra 10 dmg… Otherwise, he runs around in gear that isn’t really tailored to buffing stats, seeing as I play on an rp server and all and I’m playing a tribal of sorts… But having him use Yogs Touch works pretty well for me.

Edit: oh and my thrall is Lesteret the Unsung Hero… Came out of the wheel with 11k hp, so I figured he’d probs be my best choice, compared to the Berserker I’ve got…

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Where did you see that? I mean I absolutely agree that it ought to be… but I haven’t seen that acknowledged anywhere? (then again I’ve been busy with family holidays for a couple of weeks now)

Alrighty, nvm I’ll edit that bit out o.o I was sure I saw it mentioned as unintended, but from the responses from Ignasis or Hugo I’m seeing, it is absolutely intended.

One example of the response I could find. Apologies. Wasn’t meaning to spread misinformation, just hadn’t seen this come up of late so it would seem I was just not as informed as I thought.

Suppose that ^ quote is why I figured it would be looked into and was unintentional.

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Nice responses thank you.
Ill get both Sword of Cram and Yog’s Touch and do some damage tests and check things out.

Yeah, okay, thanks for that. What that is, is Ignasis doing his job - in this case, collecting community sentiment and forwarding it to the team - but there’s certainly no guarantee that the team will agree, or if so how or when they’ll change things (this is as it should be, naturally).

Still, it’s something. I certainly hope for some tweaks for that system, a little less random or at least less negatives especially at levels 15 and 20. The sheer randomness coupled with actively negative perks did take the top off my desire to level thralls I’ll admit.

I’ve got no testing to back it up, but I often give out a black ice broadsword with a master weapon fitting. It seems less likely to bug out the AI when swapping to a truncheon than a 2H sword.

You’ve given me a happy mental picture of a cured meat world where swords of cram are the deadliest thing on the planet…

So I was sure I read that all PvE content is very limited on armor. Something like 100 armor is about the max of any PvE content, so for weapons, you want to focus on the highest raw damage and forget about getting good armor pen. Has it changed with the newest bosses by chance? Anyone go into battle with Arena Champ and compare damage vs AP weapons?

Edit: It is one of the things that really bothered me about trying to cram PvP and PvE into the same platform. Tons of weapons with armor pen that look fantastic, but all potentially a gimp in PvE content.

I no longer swap out the weapon for truncheon deal.

I keep tier 3 bearers for the truncheon purpose only.

Oh, so someone uses that.

Does your thrall mostly only use light attacks or why use that mod?

“Increases light attack damage, but decreases heavy attack damage and durability.”

So the +10dmg only works for light attacks. It kinda turns every weapon into a Predatory blade.

PS.: You cannot apply it at the Predatory blade

I hadn’t even realized it made heavy attacks weaker… But it does explain a few things.
In any case, as it is I’m pretty satisfied with it regardless of that, because even if the thrall cycles between heavy and light attacks, he usually still walks through everything.
And for personal use, I find the damage increase on light attacks a good enough thing. Doesn’t decrease heavy attacks by that big an amount anyhow, if anything to me it looks like it switches the damage dealing up, so to speak. Heavy “becomes” light, and light “becomes” heavy. If anything, I can chuck in a lot more hits before I have to consider waiting for stamina too. So, I don’t really mind overall.

Also, I had an extra look at his prowess yesterday too, and decided to give him back a Black Ice Broadsword, that had a Master Weapons Kit on it, and he hits even harder with that. If anything, I might give him Yogs Touch for when fighting the Arena Champion, see which weapon he hits harder on her with and all that.

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Maybe I should give it a try… If light combos are kinda at the same level as heavy combos… :wink:

Wanted to use it at the predatory blade, but the Devs disabled this kit for that weapon :smiley: :smiley:

I mean with the light attack damage of the Predatory Blade it makes sense, I’d say XD but, again from all I can see it seems to really just switch them around… This ofc also means that any status effects won’t be put on, but… Well, heavy attacks aren’t useless, just less effective than on a weapon without the fencer mod O.o and for much less a durability cut than the Master Weapons Kit

Ajas bane

Don’t get too caught up in the armor after about 1000…not a huge difference tbh.
With the right stuff, you can get to a +11 Vitality and Sandstorm mask (PVP server must) for repeatable craft only builds with a rating of 1100 on all your thrarlls.
armor reduction %
1000-- 80.00%
1200-- 82.76%
1400-- 84.85%

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