Belit, Queen of the Pirates

I have read some of the issues of the Conan the Barbarian comics about Belit when she started out as a pirate and they were good reads. Do you think that there will be a video game with Belit as the protagonist? I know Belit was a character in a previous Conan video game.

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I hope so…
And yes, I know Belit’s a shem, but there are Turks out there who are white and blonde. There are native middle eastern women out there with striking hazel eyes. Mother nature is into biodiversity. It’s why western guys are into asian girls, and Asian guys describe blondes as “golden haired”. Givit a rest.

If peopel want Belit to look shem, perhaps selling the rights to Disney would make their dreams come true. She’ll be turned into a lesbian mohawk darfari in no time.

A native who looks different, is to be accepted, not scrutinized. To force representation is the opposite of tolerance. I’m sure Elon Musk has a thing or two to tell you about being African.

But anyway. Enough politicizing :slight_smile:


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