Beri the blacksmith

I’ve been running around the north for about a week mow, going to the specific spots she’s supposed to spawn and apparently she’s SUPPOSED to spawn in coldfish camp with a 37% chance according to the wiki and a 25% at freya’s hovel, the 2 highest percentage chances. Yet despite searching both of those, killng the npcs there for HOURS for several days I’ve come out empty handed every time. Is the wiki just wrong? I’ve searched EVERY other place she could spawn several times, I did like 3 loops at new asgarth and everything, never once found her. Anyone have any tips? Or am I just really unlucky?

Edit: JUST found her. :sob:

I don’t know about the wiki, but every Beri I ever got was either in New Asagarth or Meadowwatch. I might have seen her at Nordhof, but I don’t remember.

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How often would you say you’ve seen her?

It’s been a while since I’ve had to look for thralls, but I remember she was neither super-rare (like Lianeele at the Mounds) nor super-common (like Kisthis in the volcano). I know this is vague, but my approach to thrall-hunting is different: when I get bored of other stuff, I go on an NPC killing spree and get whatever thralls I find :wink:

The few times I’ve looked for a specific thrall, I’ve always had bad luck – I would always get anyone else but the thrall I was looking for :stuck_out_tongue:

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I JUST found her at Freya’s hovel :sob: I’ve been looking so long, I had to run away so my thrall didn’t kill her and then a bear almost killed her, it was stressful.

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Congrats! :metal:

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I was going to say Freya’s, but I see you found her there. I found her with Freya the other day. Before they essentially patched her out of the game, I found her there almost every spawn. Of course, that was in the good old days when you could get a topless Beri.

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Ayup. I have me one of those, still. Oldstyle re-pre-SENT yo!

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I killed her yesterday in New Asagarth :smiley: I think I have her >4times already.

But it is all luck… I want that damn Chieftain armorer and have “already” gotten all other ones (already = I got 4-5k steel from New Asagarth while farming for the Chieftain armorer).

I kill everyone in there. Be it Njoror Battleborn, Jon the Tinkerer, Oskar, Airk, Rikkart, Beri or the priest, etc…
Also the female priest can spawn with clothes on and topless.
And when I see her topless, her boobs look (IMHO) quite bigger than when she is placed at the altar… But this can also just be an opticial illusion :smiley:

SOOOOO JEALOUS lmao I wish you could put whatever armour you want on workbench thralls. I had a feeling it wasn’t just me, I don’t know why they’d mess with her spawns smh

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I have four, along with five topless Daya Leaddrinkers. Yes!

Daya was the same way. In some weird way, the constant pushing of the wheel increases their boob size.

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I haven’t found her yet. Did they patch her out?

Leaddrinker? I dont know if I got one after the update, but got one last 3-4 weeks ago.

Damn. I’ve still yet to see any tanners or smelters anywhere I’ve been

Kill NA. Jon the Tinkerer should appear after some runs.

Got exile smelter yesterday at Sinners refuge

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