Freya missing in North

Thrall: Freya

No longer seems to spawn at Freya’s hovel. Don’t know if that’s intentional.

Also, the Huntress who was spawning nearby in the valley below, no longer seems to be spawning there either. She used to get attacked frequently by a wolf. Now its just the wolf there (no body, either).

We can’t find Freya either, maybe she’s off with Captain somewhere. Only one thrall is spawning at her hovel, the crafter. It will need to be renamed to Hermit Hovel or Lonely Mans Hovel or I’m So Happy to be Alone Hovel.

Also could not find the Huntress in her usual spots. Maybe the women are all off forming a clan or committee and making grand plans.

I spotted the huntress, like still she was killed by still the same wolf.
Also the other hunters near the lake was present.

The huntress has about 4 spawn points, starting near the water, and going up to one of the tower.
Didn’t check them all.

Found her, she’s still there for me.

but still tricky to knock out without make you fall from the clip, or while knock her out, or when you try grab her middle of the clip. :smirk:

but, finally, all is cooking.

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