Daya the Leaddrinker location - City of Relic Hunters/Where is she?

I saw her the other day. Marked it on my map. Now I’m unable to find her at that same location. Does anyone know exactly where she spawns?

I just caught her like 20 minutes ago! There’s a spot where 4 NPCs stand around talking, one is always a smelter. She spawned there.

Can you give me a map location?

It’ll take me a bit to run back to the city, but I can go and take a screenshot if you like.

If you wouldn’t mind, that would be helpful. I’m there now

Alright. I’ll be there shortly. At the Shattered Springs now.

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Does she always spawn?? Or do you have to hope the RNG gods are happy with you that day?? I swear I’ve been all over that city and never seen her once.

It’s RNG. This was the first time I ever saw her.

Is she over at that firebowl cauldron near the relic hunter armor?? That’s the only alchemist spawn I’ve seen, or at least noticed.

I’m not sure, I didn’t pay attention.
You’ll have a screenshot with the exact spawn point here in a couple minutes.

She spawns, well, exactly where she’s standing in the screenshot.



Yes that’s the EXACT same spot that I marked. I only see 3s though. Can you kill them and hope new ones respawn or do you have to get lucky?

You actually have to kill them for a chance at a better one to respawn. :slight_smile:

Also, thanks for that screenshot, I’m now on the hunt.

You don’t have to kill them. I walked in and she was there. If everyone leaves the area and comes back, you’ll see new spawns. I’m not sure ‘exactly’ how far you have to go though.

At least that’s how it works on single player. I’m not sure about on a server.

Every NPC has a spawn point that always spawns a particular type of thrall. So let’s say this spot spawns 2 fighters, 1 archer and 1 alchemist. If the alchemist that’s currently spawned is a T2 alchemist, then you have to kill said alchemist to free up the spawn point in hopes the one you want spawns.

Sometimes you’re lucky and that spot will spawn a ton of named characters. For example, over at the mounds of the dead I’ve lucked out with Dalinsia Snowhunter(T4 fighter) spawning a lot. Other locations are always a named thrall, such as Freya over at her outpost in the green mountains.

Without looking I’m assuming this spot has a chance to spawn the named one, you guys were just lucky enough to catch her. I’ll inspect it here after I eat lunch and see. If it keeps spawning her, then joyous of joys!!!

She spawned again. I updated the screenshots.
You should mark that post as the solution so others will know they can find her spawn point here.

Yeah that’s true. But if everyone leaves the area and you return, there will be new spawns. So you don’t absolutely ‘have’ to kill them. I just ran back and forth a few times and she spawned again.
Much faster than killing and waiting for respawns.

I’ve honestly never seen that happen if they just leave, but to be fair, I do play on a dedicated server so a lot of people may just be killing them. lol

Yeah and I do play on single player, so it probably unloads the area from memory when I leave, causing new NPCs to spawn when I return. I’m sure it works this way on a dedicated server, but it does for SP and co-op.

Interestingly, every smelter that spawns there is always topless. The fighters never are.
But other smelters, like Yael of Shem, can spawn with or without a shirt on.

Damn, if only they were Cimmerian!!! lol Because of where of I started my home this time around, the closest area for me to farm was the Mounds of the Dead. After a bit, I realized that all my thralls were Cimmerian. Now that so many are, I almost want to keep the theme going. lol Only downside is that T3’s have bad “drop rates”, so to speak.