Witch Doctor still there?

Has his spawn rate been reduced?
Some month ago i just needed 2 til 4 runs to get him for the mask a 2nd one as an alchemist. Now i haven’t get him for like 30+ runs

I think so. But i t still spawns at ahigh enough rate, i got one in 6 or 7 tries.

Finally i got one. Took me three hours instant grinding today. in addition to the other tries some days ago, i got ~40 runs.
I hope i do not need three more hours for a 2nd one. ^^

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Lo mismo están ocurriendo con otros objetos legendarios la capucha del verdugo o las armas de thag de la ciudad de serpermeru y el casco de remedio también, hay que pasar un buen rato para conseguirlos

My concern is daya leaddrinker. Ive been killing her spawnpoints for weeks and no sign

This is an international site, I bet 99% of the people visiting this forum has no clue what you wrote there (just like me).
Please, use english.

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Yeah I had to wait there for a few respawns before I got the witch dr. But still not a very difficult thrall to get considering how powerful (useful) it is.

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