Where to find T4 Smelters after the most recent update

Does anyone know where to go to find T4 Smelters now? It seems like Daya Leaddrinker no longer spawns in Sepermeru.

I can’t find any T4 Smelters at the Black Galleon either.

She still spawns in Sepermeru, she’s just rare (rarer?). I ran across her a few days ago. Not too far from where she used to spawn, actually.

I think your best bet may the volcano these days, though. There’s one named Hith Silverfinger (or something like that) who can be found around the area near the shrine. He may spawn around the Well now too, I’ve seen a few other crafters there.

Same places like always. Daya still spawns in Sepemeru.

They still spawn there.

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I have been farming galleon, den, and sep for three days now and not one T4 smelter. Highest I’ve found is a T2

What we mortals see is random chance. Sometimes it results in a longer dry spell before we find what we’re looking for.

People like Multigun see the data tables. If he says Daya still spawns in Sepermeru, it means Daya is still on the spawn table and has a chance to spawn in Sepermeru. If we don’t see here there, it just means we didn’t win on the lottery.


Where exactly did you find her cause this is day 4 farming and not seen one over t2 yet

Yeah, before patch I’ve been to Sep like 50 times without seeing a Smelter, then suddenly there was 3 in 2 days.

RNG often seem to work like that for me, when I finally find some specific named, I tend to find 2-4 of them in a couple of days.


Indeed. I camped at Camp 24 for weeks looking for Grrr Legbiter, and when I finally caught him, the next Purge included his clone twin, and I found another one the next time I was just randomly passing Camp 24. And in the end I didn’t even want the Hyperborean slaver outfit…

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well if they could also bring back the original daya, the one for wich huge war have been fought, the one who was a pure beauty and top less, not the ugly one with victorian clothes and gloves…

diversity…diversity… no problem to introduce new smelters in victorian clothes, but keep daya as she was !!!

I have to agree. After the Warmaker patch I have a feeling there is an overabundance of T1-T2 Tanners at the Pirate ship. This might be connected with population rework messing up spawn tables and now Tanners taking most of the smelters spawn places.

starter area is a good spot, do all little exiles camp each time server reboot, this is a little hint as reboot bring a lot of T4 in spawn point everywhere. and at least one T4 by big spot (serp, asgard) etc…

in 10 days I found over there 6 armorers, 3 smelters, 3 blacksmith, 2 carpenters, 4 tanner in newbie area but my hunting time was just after reboot… outside of this time i can need to do 90 kills to have only one legendary spawn.

Supermaru, i found a lot of Daya there.
I need to find Carpenter, where do i find some?

starter area, plenty, do all little exiles camp

otherwise for carpenters they spawn also at pagoda, asgard (and little camp around), or the pirate ship to the far east of map. but starter area is the best spot. google exiles camp to list, nearly 10 spawn points.

Honestly, I’ve had better luck getting crafters from Purges than finding them in the world. The purges on the same general latitude as New Asagarth contain several purge types with good crafters including Outcast Vanir Chieftain and Cimmerian Beast-Tamers.

Given how much faster the Purge T4s are than others, it might be more worth your while to farm up those purges instead. Check the purge map on the wiki and build accordingly:

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If you’re on the public servers (where purges are set to level 6) best of luck getting a human purge. May the odds ever be in your favor.

Galleon. Start at The Sandpit and head north across the rock bridge. To the right is a small tent where a T4 Fighter may spawn. If you attack this camp you’ll be on the right path for a T4 Smelter. Head from this tent toward Voyager’s Vigil. The crafter who spawns in the little fire area can be a T4 Smelter. Now head up to the ship via a path through the huts, with a little boardwalk. One of those crafters on the outside of the ship can be a T4 Smelter. Set a 16-minute timer and be back for the next ones.

I’ve had 3 bases in the region I described and have gotten human purges 100% of the time for approximately 20 purges in row over the past few months. Gimme a minute to find a visual representation of the area I’m talking about…

Here ya go:

Note: Be careful about building too close to areas where the rusty cliffs and the regular ground meet. I had nothing but problems with the purge spawning under the mesh when I built at Riversend. The spots where I’ve had the best luck are the center of F10, and NE A9.

Good luck!

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got a named carpenter from sepermeru last night.