T4 smelters spawn rate

am i the only one who thinks that smelters are to rare and not just the t4 ones all smelters are rare i have spent two weeks hunting for them 6 to 10 hours each day and not found a single named smelter only found one tier 3 in all that time. found dozen armorers and blacksmiths fighters and named archers are dime a dozen to

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Go to sepermeru there’s 2 or 3 guaranteed spawns for smelters there

Mostly T2 and T1 smelters in Sepermeru. I’ve seen a T3 smelter once but when I came back after I built a wop and captured a taskmaster, T2 I think, the T3 smelter had been downgraded as t2, while most of the T2 fighter and archer patrolling the city were upgraded as t3.

Dalya lead drinker can spawn there I believe, my clan has 2 or 3 of her

T4 seems to be very rare in solo-coop games. I think it’s because everything not belonging to your character is recreated each time you restart the game to continue playing. NPCs who aren’t your character’s slave aren’t saved in the db when you shutdown the game.
I started playing a month ago the first day the game was downloadable on PS+ and I’ve seen only two named thralls so far. The first was in New Asagarth, a warrior I could capture because there was only T1 and T2, not a single T3, as other NPCs and they’re easy to kill. I restarted a game soon after to test different approach, so I didn’t used him much.
The second was in the game I play currently. A met a named Cimmerian woman warrior, I forgot her name, killing crocodiles on the island west of the Shattered Bridge on the noob river. By the time I identified her as a named thrall and tried to capture her she had lost almost all her health and my T1 warrior slave finished her before my basic truncheon could knock her out. If I didn’t need that slave as a mule to move my stuff to Sepermeru, I would have killed her through spite.
I another game I cleaned the camp at the Black Galleon searching for the named smith that craft Zamorean dancers outfit but found only T1 and T2 NPCs. Since I like to try different things I often restart games from the begining. In these different games I explored all the map except the Volcano and the jungle. I did go the Derketo Temple in the jungle but that’s all I’ve seen of that part of the map. And everywhere there was only 95% T1 and T2 NPCS, T3 being very rare. It’s frustrating.

I don’t know about singleplayer (previous post makes it sound like there is a difference) but on official servers Ive found the named smelters up in that viking village. I forgot the name of it but its the one with all the circle buildings connected by bridges in the far north west. Lots of high lvl thralls from my experience up there. Can be a little bit of a walk though if you’re not built near it.

When I get on later today ill edit in the exact name of place if nobody posts it by then. I’m not on now so I can’t look.

The Mounds of the Dead area with the Cimmerians.
I know many people direct others to get t4s from there but I guess I’m unlucky. The guaranteed spawns of named fighters I find but not one named crafter… random chance is sucky sometimes.
I’ve had more success on the pirate galleon. Edit: but now New Asgarath as below is better. But everyone’s story and success rate can be different.

Unless it was a bug that was fixed, I remember reading a report that in single player games if you ran out of render distance of an encampment such as Sepermeru…then when you ran back in the game would randomly generate a different selection of thralls.

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If you need T4 thralls of any kind. Go to Asgard.

The city boss there is always T4, spawns every 15 minutes and can be anything except Alchemist. Attention: He doesnt have a gold border HP bar, he got a one skull bar. You can knock him out and tame him.

If you go there and clean the village maybe 10 times you will have 10 Chief T4, usually at least 2 to 5 other T4 that spawn inside village, and about 1200 steel.

All of this in round about 3 hours game time.


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