Dancer/Cook NPC missing at the mount of the deads

As the tittle says, 2 NPCs are missing in the main lost tribe/cimmerian camp.
One cook has disappeared and only the alchemist is there now.
And the dancer has disappeared too, leaving the carpenter alone in the hut.
Is it intended?
Moreover it seems that regular LVL 4 fighters are not to be found anymore there. So, is it intended too?

This is a bug I’ve been taking about on reddit and sent in a report to Funcom.

It use to be an issue but it’s come back since the last hotfix.

The long and short. When a thrall is put into a wheel it doesn’t understand it as “dead” so the spawn point does respawn a thrall. Server reset is the only fix st this time.

Ok thanks for your reply eilri, but i think you are talking about an other issue: thralls not "RE"spawning after having been captured once.
What i’m sayin here, is that even after a fresh restart of the game, these 2 npcs are just not there although they uded to be there a few months ago. it has something to do with the changes the devs have made about the revamped population in each NPC big camp.
And i was wondering, will it remain like this (is it intended?) or will these NPCS will be brought back at some point with a new update?

Ahhh I see the difference! Good luck in finding your answers. :slight_smile: