Best and fastest way to fill purge meter?

What is the best and fastest way to fill purge meter on official server PVE?

Please list your methods.

I’ve been getting a purge every other day on pve. Basically I’m always cooking rocks (lol), making shaped wood and steel reinforcements. Basically everything you need for tier 3 mats. This does some to help.

Once I have everything going, I do a circuit of the places I’m looking for thralls: volcano, Set city, summoning place, and sinners refuge. I make sure to kill any of the npcs I’m not going to thrall.

If I’m bored of thralling, I go to the unnamed city and kill bosses, or go for a dungeon or world bosses.

I think doing a mix of killing/crafting/traveling does a lot to raise the purge bar. I do have a clan mate, and when we’re both on the meter fills pretty quickly.


Building T2 seems to do close to nothing to the meter.

I’m not sure if this list is up-to-date, but at least it gives a general idea on how the Purge Meter fills:

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This doesn’t seem up to date…

Side note: I’m guessing the purge meter reset was designed so that purges don’t happen to offline clans. Since the purge meter will not fill up while the clan is offline anyways, wouldn’t it be better to reset it to 90% of its value (or anything that would ensure you stay below the threshold) when you’re offline too long? As opposed to reset it to zero…

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I believe you are correct. The purge meter should not decrease at all. It should just build while you are on doing your activities, and be in a pause state while offline. We all complain about massive bases, but if your level 60 you just can’t fill the meter without some sort of building. They really should just put the purge meter in a pause state while offline.


I agree purge meter should not decrease


Does someone know how to make Funcom team hear us?

I believe they hear us just fine by posting here. Whether they agree is, of course, quite another matter.


her … i’d like somthing in berween. I don’t want to get purged too much as much as i’d like to see purges once in while for a change.

How about that : no decrease offline. But having an active way to lower purge meter in game. Such as a tribute chest ,or something that act as a ressources sink, to lower purge gauge.

That way, away players/clan wont have there purge meter going down, possibly allowing purges to clean servers a bite. But active players/clans can dodge purges by being even more active (or dedicating some of their activity to not getting purged) ?

Maybe there would be a way to avoid the purge by offering sacrifices?

That would be a great way to get rid of low level thralls.

Let the human sacrifices begin!!!


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