A better way to get your purge meter filled

so I recently thought to myself what if there was a better way to fill up your purge meter. I am a player who loves the PVE side of this game. but the purges when you play alone take almost literally forever. in the last 2 weeks I have put in 37.6 hours and my purge bar isn’t even 1/4 of the way filled. I have been trying very hard to fill my purge meter but still can’t do it. so my solution is a very simple one.
Solution #1:
simply add a tribute crafting that fills the purge meter by x amount or add x amount of points to it.


Solution #2:
add a tribute crafting to a tier 3 alter that takes some time and costs a moderate amount of materials that then sits in the alter until used but can’t be taken out of the alter. upon using this tribute crafting the purge bar is instantly filled.

in my opinion this would limit how massive people make their structures. as from what i have seen people built massive bases just to get a single purge. it would also help single players like myself get purges.

You can also fill a trap with some unstable???. Works like a charm.


I’ve been playing solo recently and find that my purge meter is filling faster than I want :rofl: my bases defences are nowhere near ready. I’ve spent most of my time on building and Thrall hunting.

my base is almost entirely tier 3 and I have several thralls. for a single person base it is quite large(16x11) and it is also a multi floor structure(3 floors).

Edit: I am also on exiled lands as I do not have the Isle of Siptah DLC.

If you’re in Single Player mode on Exiled Lands, admin in a convergence trap and enough fuel to power it.

I am on official servers.

Edit: even on single player maps you have to have the DLC. otherwise you can’t spawn anything of the DLCs you don’t have.

Since returning to the game after a long break I’m trying to avoid a purge until I’m confident that my base can withstand it but when I was playing before (about 8 months ago) my 2 person clan was getting purged once a week every week. Based on what we were doing at the time I think that building T3 and killing NPCs seems to fill the meter effectively.

On officil pve server you need to kill all 15 minuts a npc place 1 block thats not atached to your structurs and die (remove braclet ) each or this actions give 200 points in total you need 42 k points and do all this things all 15 minuts per person in your clan


Convergence traps summoned in via admin in Single player do not require the Isle of Siptah dlc. I’ve got one sitting in my base’s front yard like a fancy lawn ornament on my xbox :grin:Otherwise, seeing you’re on official, focus on killing human npc’s. Stock up on enough supplies to last through several camp / capital attack runs, only returning to base when your supplies are depleted.

Does the convergence trap on Xbox work? If so that would help me out a ton on my private server.

Worked fine for me on my SP game on an xbox one S. You’ll need to use admin commands for the trap and its fuel in the Exiled Lands.

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I use the method described by @Bearhunter and it works well. Kill one npc, place a single foundation and either kill yourself or log out and back in every 15 mins. This is the quickest way to fill your purge metre. You don’t need to build a huge base or kill a thousand ppl, that won’t make it increase any faster. It only ticks up one kill, one foundation that’s not attached to anything else and a relog every 15 mins.


This is the way :ok_hand::v:


Oh and on top ive you play on a pve conflict server you can kill a player for 250 points each 15 minuts

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How to get it to work on xbox? I can’t move swirling chaos from my inventory, and I’ve put everything I can think of in it.

You’ll need unstable ???, not swirling chaos.

Also likely need to hit the play button at the top once the ??? is in and the recipe selected.

Been a long time but as I recall there are admin commands to fill the purge meter and trigger purges. That might be easier if you can find what they are and if they work on Xbox.

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I don’t think there are any in the Xbox admin panel, also when I place the trap there aren’t any recipes in it.

No recipes showing seems to be because you need to learn Elder Constructions which is only available on the Siptah map. Not seeing a scroll or recipe in the admin panel that teaches it but I could have missed it.

Unless someone knows a better way it looks like you’d need the mod that allows travel between the maps and my understanding is that mods aren’t allowed on consoles. May be out of luck until Funcom gets the server transfer feature working.

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