Can we Improve the Purge Meter?

This came up when we were close to the line on our meter. It was during purge time on our server, and we were really close. We just couldn’t decide if we wanted to just keep going and trigger a purge or not.

We kept checking the meter, and it was hard to tell if we had hit the line.This is a small change, but can we have the meter fill change color when you are at the line? Not sure what it would entail, but if I had an easy indication we were at the line, I could have made my way back to the main fort before the warning, saving me time. Also, friends in other clans would not be hearing us say, “I think it’s touching, but I can’t tell.”

I have a 72" tv, and I am walking across the room to stare at the line at times.


In single player the line is white and when it crosses the limit it becomes purple. Online it’s always purple!
Since we have this feature in single player, I believe that it would be nice to have online too!
On exile lands hopefully there are map rooms and the only problem the map room can cause is to reset the timer(count down) of the purge, without actually resetting it! So before you travel you have to see how many minutes left for the purge to start and calculate this way!
In Siptah it’s tough, it literally makes you to “stay close” to your base, because you are not sure you will be back on time!
I am totally in to this suggestion, thanks for bringing it up!


Just give it it’s own interface in a separate tab instead of a white strip at the bottom of the character page.

I guess in its current state it is fitting for the anti climatic purge system in general.


Purges on Siptah can be Brutal. Though, I call them in all the time. The challenge is awesome


I never ever had something different than Accursed purge.
I am not sure you can have different purges in Siptah. Purges on Siptah is “time to kill”!
This makes things easier, the fighters that spawn in Purge can easily spawn all around the map.
So there is no actual reason in Siptah to risk with truncheons, you just go out and kill!
I wish purges in Siptah had some crafters too, named ones!

I turned Purges off on my Single-Player, but last I remember, if you mouse over the Purge meter it’ll tell you if it’s filled or not. Not sure if console UI is different than on PC.

The bar also should turn purple when filled, but that has worked inconsistently for as long as I can remember.

south island purges are even worse than accursed… Black panthers and demon cats …

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I never had anything else than Accursed. I will try my luck south I guess, thank you @NeoTheMatrix

  1. clanmate base ( 3 times purge dropped lemurians there in row - siptah version)
  2. My base turainan style ( got purge 10 times all times only ‘‘new’’ beasts ) They attack like those winter long tooth cats (dunno correct in english, i call them sabres :smiley: ) but look like blue/black skinned sandreapers and are more powerfull than sandbeasts… and attack in horde 10-20 at once…
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I have no knowledge of East and South, all this time I was building to the whole west part (north, center, south) but never to these islands or east. I believe that it is time to start moving in guess.
Thanks a million @NeoTheMatrix, you gave me new potentials and goals in this map :grin:.

well can give also fact from what i found - those black cats so far i found only in purge… atleast in this year never found anywhere else, but then again not long ago i fell in damn cave under my base XD and never knew there such gap :smiley:

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Try the underwater caves too, they are very beneficial and they have skeleton key chests too! Fix or farm breathing potions too, you’ll need them.

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