Best armor/weapons/stats for PVP

Hey everyone!
Im thinking about the bis items and stats for this horse PVP, if anyone could suggest me a good build i would be happy.

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

hola por tu post , entiendo que hablas del caballo . es bueno que te concentres en la fuerza, vitalidad y agilidad del caballo. la armadura sin duda la de maniobrabilidad ,esta hará que tengas mejores movimiento a la hora de la batalla .

pd : montar con armadura pesada o media

saludos .

Heavy armor vit or str.
Weapon with cleansing. Better be spear cuz you will be able to cleanse and still be on horse.
1h sword and bindings/torch/shield for animation canceling abuse.
Healing items and tiger type pet.

yeah currently im running heavy armor with +5strength and +4 vit.
Im thinking if i miss any good weapons or best in slot stuff for pvp.
also should i go with rhino or horse pvp?

Honestly, from what I’ve seen, having a pet that can gap close is essential. Don’t forget to make use of things like armor upgrades and weapon kits too. This is probably the first game in a long time that made me feel like consumables and small upgrades weren’t just an afterthought. Other than that, for builds, the people above me definitely have the right idea.

1h sword over axe?

1h sword beats axe in almost any scenario. (if we speak about siptah map)
You can always farm for dummy op Yog’s Touch and just delete ppl with it if you play on Exiled Lands map.
Axe animations are very predictable and have no reach.
With 1h sword you have access to first 2 heavy attacks for reach, cripple and ability to animation cancel it with bindings making it high damage fast spam weapon.

On horse tho I recommend to use spear for more reach and ability to avoid close combat where you can glitch into your enemy or get stuck.
Simply run circles around them and spam spear attack. It costs no stamina and you will be okay if you play it smart.
If they start attacking you with bow or any other weapon just ride away. LockOn only works if you close to the target so getting away from lockon is your best way out.
IF you got stammed and got dropped down use your horse as a meat shield.
Works almost every time except against spears.

Also you need a horse with right stats. Accuracy for bow+horse build. Str for spear+horse build.
Vitality is not that good considering that you will get dismounted and killed way faster than horse dies. And if you die your enemy usually will just kill your horse usual way or spam palisides around it for bleed kill.

Having a cat pet is a vital boon and a great help for you. Think this was mentioned before.
Good cat will deal a good amount of damage against enemy in heavy meta and will almost one shot anyone in light.
So best strategy is just wait for dumb cat ai to attack your enemy and wait for an opening where you can hit them to apply bleed and poison if you poisoned your weapon.
If you use bow just spam bow from horseback and let cat do its work.

Thank you for the awesome help :smiley:
im thinking about running venom-infused pike with yogs touch and a shield.
I got a greater sabertooth this morning so i’ll level that up today.
For armor im running a mix of yamatai with champion’s armor for a mix of Vit and Str stats.
I have 40Str with 40 Vit.the rest went to grit and encumbrance.

how can i do this animation cancel everyone talking about?

Wield/Unweild in keybindings allows you to remove weapons. Via using this feature you are able to cancel your attack animations.

Usually I use mouse wheel for very quick animation cancel

Plus you can use items like bindings/torches/shields (from best to worst) for animation cancel of 1h weapons.
by basically equiping them bindings before fight and then unequiping it in middle of your attack animation reseting it back to start. It bypass all animation limitations funcom placed down.

Oh wow thank you very much :slight_smile: i see what i need to practice now.
What do you think about my armor setup?

what do you think is the best kit on heavy armor? it that bonus armor worth it?

what about 1h sword vs axe+trowing axe cripple tornado combo?

No it’s not. Only reduction kit on all heavy armor pieces.Nothing else.

“…Almost any scenario”
You still able to fight axe plus throwing axe if you go into trade and don’t try to run away.
axe+throwing axe have way less damage and I believe no hyperarmor on everything except first heavy.